How Call of Duty Is Ruining Gaming

How can such a critically acclaimed and financially successful game ultimately change the gaming landscape for the worse?

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PhoenixDevil2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Kinda a shame really as if they put a bit more time n sorted the technical issues out before launch for black ops then it would have been a great game, worthy of all the hype maybe maybe not

thing is alot of gamers n people on here hate on cod but really why ? thinking about it really its the glitches and technical issues, I'm not gona go buy black ops now n have already got a distaste for the inevitable modern warfare 3 in november but really its the fact there glitch filled n unbalanced. I think from Cod4 onwards they could have been so amazing games but are ruined by technical issues based from a rush of getting the games out. Thoughts anyone ?

Myst2828d ago

Think it would be a safe bet to say that if all technical issues were ironed out and the release for each were spaced out a bit more. Each COD title could be rather good. Of course this all being theory talk. BlackOps was my first one and surprisingly it was okay, but I don't think I could find myself buying one every year.

Bear_Grylls2828d ago

They went full retard man, you should never go full retard.

Close_Second2828d ago


Classic line. I love that movie.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2828d ago

Yea it's a terrible predicament.

On one hand the series has completely gone down the drain. On the other hand it's a cash cow and is responsible for a large amount of the profits that the gaming industry has amassed in the last couple years.

If casual gamers keep buying crap then game devs will keep making crap. But if cod just suddenly died how much money would the game industry lose because of it?

rugis2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Ummm, not much. There are tons of other GOOD shooters out there, people just don't bother to look into, because all they do is buy/play CoD.

OH, and edit, I just wanted to say some things: Valve, Steam, and Nintendo.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2828d ago

Yea but that's the point. Casual gamers don't look. And if they did buy something like MOH or Killzone or another less noob friendly shooter they prolly wouldn't stick with it.

Substance1012828d ago

MOH honor was terrible tbh, i would think people should try out games like:

TF2, darn cheap and they come with everything a gamer would dream of:

Dedicated servers
16 vs 16 matches
Developer support (no milking with constant DLC and rehashed yearly release).
Community Mods

Its one of the most fun FPS games out there.

xAlmostPro2828d ago

Then they shouldn't stick to it(casuals), fps games used to be made for the hardcore guys.. it used to be a case of..

think you can play online? ok then.

you'd go online and get destroyed if you weren't actually good.

Then after cod4 with the cod franchise specifically it got worse to the point where the game literally takes no skill to be good at, treyarch had the right idea with black ops and it was actually something fresh from a feature standpoint. The game is well balanced in terms of bullet damage & perks/killstreaks etc. However they completely ruined it from a technical standpoint the lag is horrible, the hit detections worse the frame rate drops alot and tbh runs overall like a bag of crap lol.

If activision won't do it with this tile they need to like a minimum of a 2 year gap between the next COD and the one after, just to get it running decent and performing well on ALL platforms.

P.S they should use some of those mountains of cash they have to give the pc/ps3/360 dedicated servers.

pat_11_52827d ago

The main issue is the fact that people keep buying CoD. It's huge, it's successful and it makes a ridiculous amount of cash.

Activision has no reason to change their current formula. They destroyed Guitar Hero and now they've destroyed Tony Hawk.

DFresh2828d ago

As much as I hate Call of Duty it's still helping the industry in a lot of ways by attracting new gamers which would later plan on buying other platforms and might will try out other games.

I gave up on Call of Duty after Black Ops whatever happens to that franchise is not my concern anymore.

xer02828d ago

I bought modern warfare and thought it was a brilliant game.

Modern warfare 2 wasn't bad either, but i fealt really let down by Activision for the price, compared to the quality and content.

I can tell when i'm being raped of my money and i'm not going to be a sheep when Modern warfare 3 comes out.

Game reviewers don't help much either... as they usually spunk all over the internet by giving biast reviews of the Call of Duty games. If I was a reviewer, i'd be docking points for bugs, Single Player campaign length and dodgy graphics.

Substance1012828d ago

"Game reviewers don't help much either... as they usually spunk all over the internet by giving biast reviews of the Call of Duty games. If I was a reviewer, i'd be docking points for bugs, Single Player campaign length and dodgy graphics."

Its all about the $$ mate, the biggest review sites are often paid to give good reviews. Very few reviewers will deny taking the money and those that do deny end up getting fired.

pat_11_52827d ago

It depends on the site, a lot still have journalistic integrity but a few have been caught red handed giving out biased reviews.

xAlmostPro2828d ago

@xer0 Exactly dude, the game is wrongly praised. Which is probably why there has been such an increase of casuals in the COD franchise.

Even worse when you see exclusive games scores being docked for things COD reaches 10's in when it's clearly worse lmao.

I don't take note of reviws anymore, i only read them to find out features etc i didn't know about. I base my opinions on the demo or if my mates say its a fantastic game i'll check it out.

jc485732828d ago

my concern is people continue to play the same genre (yea, I'm talking about FPS in general) as it's part of their tradition. For Christ sakes, there are other games/genres out there waiting for you to adopt them.

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