Sony Preparing to Drop Massive Slim PS3 Price Deduction

There’s been a recent surge in dropping the PlayStation 3′s official price with several large online retailers. Most notably the recent price drop Amazon applied to the slim PS3 console slashing off a considerable amount from its the console’s original RRP. Also, UK retailer Tesco also seem to be selling the slim PS3 for under £200, too. It’s now seeming that all these price drops from some of the largest retailers – both online and high street – is for a reason.

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Optical_Matrix2854d ago

I think theres gonna be a price drop at GDC, along with an NGP price confirmation. If not the NGP price confirmation will be in June at E3

Abash2854d ago

I think any price drop for the PS3 this year will be in September the earliest. I mean, that's what usually drives strong holiday sales

Istanbull2854d ago

I won't wait till then, gonna buy the PS3 320GB bundle with Killzone 3!:)

360FTW22854d ago

Are the people that that price drop would affect interested in the 3DS? I would that that if a person is in the market for a handheld, dropping the price of a fullsized console will have little to no effect on there decision to buy the 3DS.

Silly gameAr2854d ago


What does the 3DS have to do with a PS3 price drop? I'm sure whoever wants a 3DS will get one. Not sure how that affects the PS3 one bit.

You people.

ABizzel12854d ago


I get your point the PS3 is for hardcore/Sony fans vs. 3DS casual/Nintendo fans.

It's more of an indirect jab at Nintendo. With the price drop of the PS3 people are going to jump on that, and some may skip the 3DD and buy the PS3 since it already has an established library of games, and it does a lot more.

The goal is to block POTENTIAL 3DS buyers from buying a 3DS, by offering them a discounted PS3, in the hopes that by holiday 2011 they'll be ready to buy another device, and the NGP will be there to compete.

It's a smart business move, and I guess we'll see if it's true and if it'll work. The move is to stop people on the fence, since the ones who want to buy it are going to buy it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

he was just saying that was kind of a weird statement from the article, which it really is.

The article speculates that the ps3 price will drop around the time the 3ds comes out.

from article since noone read it it seems "My source, who also told me the NGP’s price will be £250 in the UK, stated Sony has been preparing a price drop in the UK for quite some time now and are finally preparing to make said price drop to around £170 when Nintendo’s 3DS console releases in March; a shrewd move of course to distract the sales of the 3D-enabled handheld – most likely due to the fact that they want to disrupt the sales of the 3DS so more consumers buy the company’s NGP upon launch."

the 3ds/ps3 price drop point was speculation brought up by this author of the article and that guy above me was right to question the authors reasoning.

Silly gameAr2854d ago


That's true, and maybe I jumped the gun there.

I'm really not sure why people find it necessary to pit a handheld against a home console. Why would Sony drop the price of the PS3 on account of the 3DS? They're not even in direct competition.

Nightshadow2854d ago

@Silly gameAr

The article suggests that a price drop will occur around the launch date of the 3DS. They are hoping to disrupt Nintendo sales of the handheld so buyers hold off for when Sony releases their handheld device.

Personally, I couldn't care less for a handheld and been itching to get a PS3 -- it's a win win for consumers like me.

kreate2854d ago

i agree with Abash.

sony never dropped the priced early on in any given year.

it was always towards the holiday season.
like in september.

NateCole2854d ago

That makes sense but we must remember that the PS3 has maintained it's price for far too long.

Even after more than 4 years the PS3 is still at PS2 launch price all thorughout this bad economy.

What about the PS3 hacking?. Do you guys think this had anything to do with this?.

HolyOrangeCows2854d ago

'Well, that that would that that and the PS3 could take that that that that that that that that that that that'

A $50 price drop could keep sales up in the time of a new system launching, which usually affects sales. For $250, what would you rather? A PS3 with a massive library of amazing games and an excellent lineup for this year or a $250 3D, 3-inch screen handheld with mostly ports? I mean, as a launch most people hell-bent on fighting the outrageous crowds for a new system will still say the latter, but it would certainly change SOME minds.

Seferoth752853d ago

That is just silly. One could make the same argument against NPG. Would you rather have a 149.99 Wii with the Highest rated exclusive this gen and tons of other games or the NGP with everything you already played on PS3.

BTW love how 3DS and its remakes from 2 gens ago are ports not worth owning but you're drooling over playing the exact same games you played this gen only portable.

Masterchef20072853d ago

Yeah i agree as well. Would be great for sony to drop the price of the PS3 at the release of the NGP.

Vherostar2853d ago

Would normally agree but Sony don't seem to follow the rules the like to strike at times like non holiday period and build on that.

Inside_out2853d ago

Well, when your selling your regularly priced PS3 unit for $299.99 and this week, it's $299.99 WITH a $59.99 new release in KZ3 included...yep...massive drop inbound. ALL the systems will be dropped in the next couple of months leading up to E3. Of course M$ will want to hold out for the Fall as they are obsessed with the holiday season. Kinect and it's games really need a big drop to maintain momentum.

S_C2853d ago

if this did drop to below 200 say £150 i would trade my kinect in........ as very good as it is and get a ps3 again, because i will use it more than my kinect, i go to the gym 100% more than i use kinect so i dont really see it serving me any purpose atm. Oh well lets wait and see what happens

jeseth2853d ago

360FTW2 . . . .

So a 360 Troll is hoping the 3DS gaurds off the PS3 tidal wave once there's a PS3 price drop?


You would think it would be your amazing lineup of exclusive games . . . oh, wait . . . no, your free online play . . . eherm, ... or the built in 3D Blu Ray player the 360 has . . wait a second, thats right the 360 has none of those things and you're afraid the 360 is going to go the way of the Dreamcast.

Yeah man, better hope the Nintendo 3DS wards off the PS3. Hoping a handheld holds off a console, that's like hoping a Hyundai Sonata hurts the Mercedes C Class sales. What a dope.

NeutralGamer2853d ago

Soo PS3 160 gb slim is 196 pound and piracy have become enabled on it?

I guess we can say it will get a massive sales boost now...

BluePumpkin72853d ago

i don't think they'll drop the price but they'll release a new unhackable model and maybe after they release it they'll drop the price

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Dante1122854d ago

If it does drop, I might actually get another ps3 since I'm still on this old 60GB lol. I'll just leave the old 60GB in the living room and use the slim ps3 in my room.

Spitfire_Riggz2854d ago

I was thinking the same! Besides I need 160GB these games are draining my memory!

Dante1122854d ago

Real talk lol. I think I only have like 15GB left now.

theXfactor2854d ago

That's what I did. I was gaming on a launch 20GB (upgraded HDD to 160GB) until the slim was released. Now I have my slim in my room and my launch PS3 in the living room

Shang-Long2854d ago

had a 40 gig. just put a 160 gig in two days ago. to give my ps3 new life!! the fatty is running strong it isnt over yet

BubloZX2854d ago

that's actually what I'm doing now. I also have one at my girlfriends house

kreate2854d ago

the problem is... so many retailers
are giving good deals.

im not sure which deal to go with.

XxPURExX2854d ago

@ Spitfire_Riggz
Just buy a HDD much cheaper and u'll get more room i put a 1tb hdd in my 60gb

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MightyMatt1012854d ago

I agree with you. I think GDC will bring a announcement of a PS3 price drop and NGP (PSP2) Price. Haha We all know the new handheld will be called PSP2 Maybe that will be announcement at GDC too xD

blumatt2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

If Sony announces the PS3 is going to get price-dropped to $200 and $250 for the higher harddrive model, then, PS3's are going to skyrocket in sales. With all the exclusive and 3rd party games coming out for it this year, and a more attractive price point, PS3 would overtake the 360 easily.

Also, if the PSP2 is announced to be $250, then the 3DS will have some serious competition too.

Sony has stepped up lately when it comes to smart business moves and their next quarterly sales report will show that.

Thatguy-3102854d ago

I don't get why Sony doesn't release a Sku that has a lot less memory than the regular Sku..wouldn't they be able to drop the price even more ? Every Sku they announce is alway bigger than the other I mean why would anyone one want a lot of memory lol I have a 250gb one and IMO it's enough don't know why they would release a 320 lol ...but none less a ps3 will skyrocket with a price drop, exclusives, hopefully introduction to google tv,etc. This yr Sony is going all out !!! Introduction of the music cloud service,NGP,Rumoured tablet,Xperia play !!

Shang-Long2854d ago

games are starting to take up more space, and with all the new psn tittles and videos serive, music server, other updates its better to just go with the bigger hdd. 160 gig should be the smallest.

Undeadwolfy2854d ago

@dboyc310, also phones and protable media devices are coming with more and more memory built in that the mass consumer market thing bigger is better. It would be a tough sell to try and sell a 4gb PS3 to someone who has a 64gb iPod Touch/iPhone or whatever the highest size is for those devices.

Sure we wouldn't care... but they would.

branchedout2854d ago

@ dboyc310

To a certain point. Harddrives don't usually jump in price very much when you go to a larger capacity (especially true in the sub-500GB range)

But the general consensus doesn't know this, where the average size of the HDD in a laptop is 320GB.

Sony can make much more money off of offering a $10 HDD upgrade for $30 more, than temping others with a $10 cheaper console with a $10 cheaper HDD.

But that's just a guess. I could be completely wrong.

f7897902854d ago

Stop calling the hard drive "memory"!!! That's what the RAM is called.

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siyrobbo2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

The reason the PS3 has dropped in the UK is that tesco's are doing a 20% off gaming promotion, and other retailers are price matching. They've been selling kinect sensors for £99.99 (at one point £79.99 yesterday) , the 360 250gb for £159

Tescos were doing a 20% off laptops sale last month

jerethdagryphon2854d ago

as for why they dont release 20- 60 gig models price oddly enough its cheaper to use bigger drives nowdays

the smaller drives are no longer avalable and 1tb laptop sata drives are less then 100£

Theonik2854d ago

NGP price = E3. No Earlier. It's really stupid to announce the price of a system so early in advance when you don't know what the final manufacturing cost will be.
As for a PS3 drop that should come later too to take advantage of the boost to drive holiday sales.

Undeadwolfy2854d ago

Surely during development of their products, Sony know pretty much what manufacturing costs are going to be. Especially since the NGP has been in devlopment for a while. The only thing that can happen with the prices for components is go down. Manufacturing is a little different but Sony have a pretty good budget, otherwise it wouldn't be announced with the specs it has.

Of course I could be wrong and perhaps Sony may not have learnt their lesson with the PS3 (touting it to have 2 HDMI slots and other awesome features which never really came to fruition). But I have a feeling that Sony have sorted this out and know what they are doing.

Theonik2853d ago

Oh, i'm not saying that they will drop features necessarily. They were very price conscious since the beginning for the NGP and they have already dropped features in fact. What Sony is waiting is for 23nm processes to come out to decrease the cost of the CPU/GPU. Regardless there are several other reasons why you don't announce the price so early other than the design not being final.

showtimefolks2854d ago

when sony reported their numbers playstation brand made them good money. i don't think we will see one now maybe in summer or around E3

i think this time MS will have to drop the price first than sony will follow. last time sony had to do it because ps3 wasn't selling as well as it is now.

so in the end anyone of the fence could be waiting for a while for a price drop since both companies want the other to drop their price first.


NGP will be 299 if i have to take a guess with verizon wireless contract it could even be 199

morkendo232853d ago

Here’s hoping the price drop will not only put the squeeze on Nintendo, but utterly wipe the floor with the XBox 360.good riddence IMO, it’s time for the PS3 to get the recognition it deserves.

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Quagland2854d ago

An £80+ price reduction is some pretty hefty s***. Strange time of year for a price drop too, we'll see.

DragonWarrior2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

that sucks, i just bought a new ps3 last week.

Edit. Whats the disagree for?

Alpha_Gamer2854d ago

Yeah, it happens. I bought a PS2 like a week before it had it`s first price drop, and I was a lot younger so the thought of saving $100 and putting it to games bummed me out lol. Turned into my favorite console of all time though...

DragonWarrior2854d ago

Well I guess i could just give it back since I only had it a week, but I highly doubt this rumor to be true anyways. Sony shouldn't give in just because the world has more apes than it has humans. @ $200 bucks their practically giving it away. BTW, im using Qriocity right now, its so fuckin worth it.

Masterchef20072853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

You got disagreed for buying a PS3. Dont worry its just stupid fanboys that are disagreeing with you.

user8586212854d ago

on amazon the prices went down by £20 so it is possible

£150 and ill get 1 for my room :)

Zir02854d ago

They have been overshipping the PS3 so retailers have be buying them for cheaper so they can sell them for cheaper. Simple.

That said Sony need to cut price to be remain competitive.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Don't feed the old MTA, guys.

That is why this kind of MTA's are here in N4G, just ignore the kid.

mrv3212854d ago


It's ALMOST as if, Tesco have a 20% offer on at the moment, either to get customers or if you've studied retail that tesco is simply trying to get more customers, tesco know that someone with a HD console is more likely to buy their TV's and HDMi's

And what's this

Amazon doing the same... with BOTH 360 and PS3. Mind you if YOUR correct and the only reason that you price drops is heavy stock that mean that theres and infinite amount of 360's because Microsoft gave them away for free at E3.

btk2854d ago

Keep on dreaming Zir0
PS3 has been outselling XB360 since it launched. So they don't need to cut the price to be competitive - PS3 already is competitive.

But when we see this price drop coming through - which I believe Sony could have done six months ago - but did not need to - then the sales is going to go through the roof.

Life to date sales is on track to overtake XB360 total this year even without pricedrop. With pricedrop it will overtake in two months.

a08andan2854d ago

Normally I would say that your comment is "trolling" but you have a point. When the price of the ps2 hit $199 the sales exploded. I do not think that a price-drop on the ps3 will affect the sales as greatly as it did for the ps2 though, since the competition is much stronger today. But a lower price will very very likely affect sales. The question is how much and how saturated the market is.

Vherostar2853d ago

@a08andan totally agree competition is higher so we are not gonna see ps2 or wii sales figures here yet but that also depends on MS and there new direction.