Video Game Warzone #118

EA NY trip
Fight Night Champion
Crysis 2 3D on 360
Battlefield 3
Bizarre Studios closed
Extension to NFL contract for EA
Infamous 2
New MOH announced
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer
New RAGE Trailer
More on E3

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RoX_TimE_BomB2829d ago

Fight Night sounds pretty sweet. I loved taking the hud off and righting straight up. You know a game is good when you can see the other players character burning out.

Spinal2829d ago

Yeah Fight night is day one for me. Like Killzone 3 coming later this week, I can't wait. Man this year is gonna be great for gamers all across the board.

JoySticksFTW2829d ago

Gaiking (Force Five) was amazing back in the day!

Gaiking was especially cool when his face mask would break apart ("FACE OPEN!!!") and there was this sinister-looking dark metal face underneath that unleashed devastation.

That's when you knew sh!t just got real... It didn't happen every episode either. That's what made it special.

You could always count on Voltron using his Blazing Sword, but I remember kids used to be distraught in the schoolyard, if they missed an episode with Gaiking's face breaking open and only heard about it from their friends.

Ah, memories... :)