The indie games and achievements problem

If Microsoft had been serious about maintaining a thriving Indie scene on the Marketplace, it needed to allow creators to bundle Achievements with their games.

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Cajun Chicken2830d ago

AND to play the games when NOT online.

ManBearPork2829d ago

AND to let non americans play them!

Elven62829d ago

I'm in Canada and I can play them just fine (we don't share anything with the US XBL), where are you located?

Legion2829d ago

I play my Indie games offline all the time. Why do you have an issue?

bluegreenman2829d ago

this wouldnt work man. there would be way to many indie games called FREE GAMERSCOREZZZZ!!!!111 lol but in a perfect world.. yes

Blacktric2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Read the article first. Not just the headline. Author offers the idea of indie games having 6 achievements that worth 0 points so that they can appear on a person's gamercard to get more exposure.

bluegreenman2829d ago

my bad man haha didnt know that. I was too quick to comment lol

blumatt2829d ago

Don't PSN games have trophies? j/w

JoshuaN4G2829d ago

Yes, except for PSone Classics and Minis.

Blacktric2829d ago

Minis are the equal of XBL Indies and they also don't have trophy support.

blumatt2829d ago

oh ok. That's what I thought. Yeah, I think all games should have trophies/achievements.

NoobSessions2829d ago

Eh, I wouldn't like that. My Gamerscore would be spammed with indie games.

ambientFLIER2829d ago

Speaking of Indie games, do yourself a favor and check out Lumi. Wonderful game. Can't praise it enough.

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