FOX News Blogger Continues To Beat The Bulletstorm Drum

Game Informer: Fox News blogger John Brandon is at it again. The author has written another blog post about Epic Games' upcoming Bulletstorm game, in which he wonders why the shooter was censored in Germany but not in the United States.

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Slimshadyn2829d ago

"he quoted psychiatrist Carol Lieberman as saying “The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games.” Lieberman later said her statement was misrepresented in Brandon's original piece." Great job Fox News for the continuation of misinterpretation.

Kran2829d ago

Two Words.

Fox. News.

FanboyPunisher2829d ago

Another two words..

Mainstream News.

KingDustero2829d ago

The only thing they're good for now is a couple good laughs around the dinner table.

Otherwise they're useless.

MNicholas2829d ago

I don't expect to see a similar article from them asking why death penalty is allowed in the US (when it's banned in Germany or universal health careis available in germany (they pay, literally, half as much and get better quality health care) but not in the US.

SwiftShot2829d ago

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo husband cause bulletstorm is coming for your ass.

tanoris2829d ago

lol conservatives and FOX all should just be ignored

NukaCola2829d ago

liberal in america aren't you. hows obama's numbers? america made a big mistake and they know it.

awiseman2829d ago

Conservatives in general are not bothered by this, they stand for freedom of speech under the first ammendment and censorship is a violation.

Its the liberals that are fighting the case in the supreme court to have the 18+ sticker used in California...

This fool on the Fox news blog, thinks he speaks for the gamer community and hopefuly nobody listens to his nonsence.

AKS2829d ago

"Conservatives in general are not bothered by this, they stand for freedom of speech under the first ammendment and censorship is a violation."

I wish that was actually true in reality.

Gawdl3y2829d ago

You've got it completely flipped from what it actually is, it seems. All I hear from conservatives is how WikiLeaks should be censored, the FCC should have control over internet access, and other bullshit such as this.

showtimefolks2829d ago

republicans and old white dudes plus a lot of red necks who love dodge,ford and chevy


palaeomerus2829d ago

That's the lame stereotype that the Fox haters usually try to push.

showtimefolks2829d ago

a republican leader can do bad yet no blame but everything bush did fox expect Obama to fix everything in 2 years

when Clinton left america had respect in the rest of the world now we are the laughing stock

people in the usa needs to open their eyes and mins more than any other news channel i am from pakistan most of the news we get in this country is very controlled watch international news from India, Pakistan or any middle eastern country and you will see the difference

watching glenn beck and his one sided views will not help move this country or its people forward

call it stereotype i am from Pakistan i call it as i see it watch daily show sometimes to see how big of a laughing stock is fox news and how much they lie and get away with

in usa news means covering Brittney spears cutting her hair more than covering a earth quake or something over seas

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The story is too old to be commented.