Project Gotham now multiplatform?

Activision has bought Bizarre Creations, creator of the Project Gotham Racing series, and tucked it under the Activision umbrella of developers. Which, in the words of Bizarre's Ben Ward, means the developer is now "a truly multiplatform studio". So, PGR4 for PS3?

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THC CELL4094d ago

maybe thats why ps3 mags was showing the pgr pix remember?

MK_Red4094d ago

I was going to post the exact same comment :)

But really, PGR is an MS published game and games going multi are a publisher matter not a dev one.

Violater4094d ago

keep that sh!t off my PS3 please
k thx bye

Wingnut264094d ago

I agree that we don't really need PGR. It would be nice to have options because, well, people like different styles of games, but GT will more than satisfy racing genre players.

marinelife94094d ago

I wouldn't spend money on the game anyway. They might as well keep it 360 exclusive. Gran Turismo overshadows it too much.

TriggerHappy4094d ago

Microsoft owns the license and are publishing the game so it will most likely not make it to the PS3. I do not know how far their deal goes but publishing by Microsoft, it will probably remain exclusive...kinda like Gaiden 2.

clownfacemcgee4093d ago

I've always loved PGR and actually prefer it over GT, although I currently love Motorstorm even more, but I don't know if they'll be able to publish this for the PS3. OXM UK reviewed it, so it must've already gone gold... Maybe if they own all the rights, they can have a get a crappy port published 5 months later, but crappy and late ports aren't my cup of tea.

leon764093d ago

Who cares!!!!! the game sucks!!!!!! what a trash!!!!!! GT5 RULES!!!!!!

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ElementX4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

Doubtful. Besides, everyone who has a PS3 says GT is better. They'd be wasting money bringing PGR to PS3. MS is publishing PGR4.

nasim4094d ago

BUT still adding another decent (not as good as GT ) game to ps3 lineup is indeed exciting.

MS isnt publishing PGR4 anymore since Activision has bought Bizarre and they would be publishing it

PS360WII4094d ago

come on ElementX you know how it works. PS3 owners say GT is the one and only true racing game and is the greatest ever and nothing can beat it... oh PGR is on PS3 now... So GT and PGR are the greatest racers of all time.

Shankle4094d ago

Er, you seem to be forgetting that Burnout is the best racing series ever.

Relientk774094d ago

its about time Microsoft loses an exclusive ... rather than Sony losing another

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REbirth4094d ago

hey kidmal...if your mommy knows that you're always calling stupid and retarded to every people she will be very very upset for you!

never liked PGR...

Dudeson424094d ago

I just flagged the title as a rumor, which it is, and yet it's under industry news.

It's now marked as "fixed" when it's actually not. I'm beginning to see how some of the really really blatantly obvious rumors make it to the front page. This filter system is piss-poor if you ask me.

ATLRoAcH4094d ago

I canceled my approval until its fixed.

devilsadvocate4094d ago

wouldnt buy it. gt5 is THE racer on playstation

Keowrath4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

GT5 is the definitive driving game on the PS3 agreed but PGR4 is an arcade racer. To most people GT5 will be the better game. At the moment I don't think anything touches GT5 graphically.

However, this is one game the 360 has that I think looks awesome (basically because I'm an arcade racer fan and I'm a motorcyclist) and the whole motorbike side of the game looks beyond awesome. It's one of the few games the 360 has that makes me think about purchasing one but if this is true then I wont need to. Heh I'll wait until I hear some confirmation tho and I aint getting my hopes up that much.

If it was to come to the PS3 it wouldn't take anything away from GT5 but it would definately be an solid addition to the PS3's library.

EDIT: it wasn't me that disagreed in case you're wondering.

devilsadvocate4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

good points. Although I dont like the current trend in having genres within genres (arcade racer, sim racer), although I can see why, to me they are all driving games. I agree that it would probably be a solid addition to ps3 but, i know I wouldnt bother purchasing due to gt5 looking so awsome.

(i didnt disagree with you either lol!)