Batman Arkham City versus Batman Arkham Asylum: Latest Build Screenshot Comparison

GB: "Arkham City is shaping up to be a very solid entry in to the Batman franchise with Rocksteady Studios promising to improve the gameplay mechanics even further in the sequel. Arkham Asylum was noted for its engaging combat system and a story line that can suck you in for hours. Arkham City will be a bigger place to roam in with reports stating that the world in the sequel will be five times bigger compared to what we had in Arkham Asylum.

Today we take a look at how the game has evolved by comparing closely related screenshots from Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Please note that we have taken screens which were released recently. So this will give us and you guys a pretty clear indication as to where the series is headed when it releases later this year.

We have compared close up shots of the Joker, our good old Bat and how the two games stack up when a fight sequence is going on."

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gameseveryday2829d ago

Insane! Cant wait for it to come out. Rocksteady will make this 5 times bigger then Arkham Asylum and hopefully 5 times better than the previous one.

Between Rocksteady and Rockstar, both of them rocking.

halocursed2829d ago

Lighting looks better can't say the same thing about character models!

Raf1k12829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Character models are definitely improved but it's not a huge difference. Joker's hair actually looks more like hair now instead of shaped play-doh.

edite: Having said that Batman still looks pretty much the same.

Focker4202829d ago

Same basic enemies. Yay *rolls eyes*

crystalnova20042829d ago

Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere and was so good. Fingers crossed Rocksteady won't choke under pressure with this one. Looks awesome so far

Xfanboy2829d ago

so glad I bought this for $7 on steam!