Dead Island Trailer: Moral Snafu or Artistic Impression

VGW: "Yet critics still insist that nothing of intellectual substance can be inferred from watching a trailer for a video game called Dead Island. Oh, I completely forgot we are talking about children’s toys. Disregard the approximately 1000 words I just wrote, and close this page right now. You didn’t learn a single thing from this trailer, you simple little robot of morality."

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dagamdagee2831d ago

I think it's definitely worthwhile to have content like this in video game trailers. If the medium is ever going to be considered legitimate, then publishers need to continue pushing the envelope.

IcarusOne2831d ago

Agreed. It's a phenomenal add campaign, on par with Gears and it's "Mad World" teaser. The music is spot on and the concept, while not groundbreaking, is used perfectly. It moved me.

VersusEM2831d ago

I honestly don't get the big deal about this trailer, people say its emotional but to me it just looks meh. Guess it's because its all the movies and games I've seen but I have seen far more emotional things than this.

DeadlyFire2830d ago

This trailer is just a figment of imagination if you really put it against the game. The game does not look like this and the game is not crafted to look exactly like this trailer.

Do I care about Morals or Art when I am killing and running from zombie horde? I think not.

plb2831d ago

It's just a trailer. Game may turn out to be shite for all we know.

VenomProject2831d ago


The trailer demonstrated no gameplay. Isn't gameplay kind of...important for a video game?

bobrea2831d ago


It's a trailer for a fucking video game about zombies, why is a little girl dying causing such a big "fuss?"

ElementX2831d ago

She's a zombie! Zombies need to die

Urrakia342831d ago

Ok now this is a little overkill. It's just a trailer that didn't even show any gameplay. Relax folks

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