DTG: The Used Games Debate

Used games are currently a big state of contention between gamers, publishers and retailers. While we feel we should be able to sell our used games and buy pre-owned, publishers like EA are beginning to introduce initiatives such as 'Project Ten Dollar' to curtail our spending on used games in favour of 'New'. DTG take a look.

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pangitkqb2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The efforts of big-name publishers to paint the used-game Market as "evil" or immoral is ridiculous.

Let's apply the same reasoning to a different Industry. Imagine if Ford, Toyota, or BMW said the following:

"You can't sell your used car! Your used car is cheaper than a new one so poeople will buy it instead of our new one still sitting on the lot! Used car sales are cutting into our business! We spend millions developing, shipping, and testing our cars and because we work so hard nobody should be allowed to by anything but our new cars! You are immoral for trying to sell your used car when we worked so hard making a new car."

The world would laugh in the face of any auto company that said anything like the above. Such an attitude is, of course, ridiculous in virtually every other existant industry. For reasons I cannot fathom, the video games industry thinks it should have special rules that separate it from the rest of the world's free market economy. How dare I sell a video game I purchased with my own money? How dare I buy a used game from someone else willing to sell it to me in a perfectly legal transaction? How dare I?

Now, I don't blame EA for anti-used efforts, such as "Project 10 Dollar." It's a bit of a low blow, but it remains an INCENTIVE to encourage new game purchases. It's one thing to have an incentive to purchase new (even if the "incentive" is a bit hard to swallow, it's another to paint buying old as evil or immoral.

If i am selling a used chair, is that immoral because someone buys it instead of going out to buy a new chair? The chair industry is suddenly losing a potential sale. Ridiculous.