Allegations, sleaze, & treachery: A tale of Two Worlds

Destructoid: To say Topware has been suffering from bad PR lately is to put it lightly. A number of anonymous sources have accused the publisher of attempting to influence review scores by threatening to blacklist any outlet that gives Two Worlds II less than a 7/10.

If true, this paints a very grim picture of the company in an industry that already comes under fire for questionable PR practices. Topware has responded to, and denied, many of the accusations thrown its way, but there has been an increasing amount of these accusations from all corners of the business.

This isn't the first time I've personally heard Topware's name in association with shady behavior. Last night, however, we uncovered a list of allegations that would make even Eidos look like Jesus Christ.

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kancerkid2831d ago

This is some fucked up shit (if true).

HolyOrangeCows2830d ago

Video game PR have destroyed game reviews. All of these sites/mags compete for advertisement deals, information, early preview/review rights, etc.
And while I can understand while publishers would want to advertise on sites that give them the 10/10 more than the 6-/10, can't they just IMPROVE the freaking game?

And now Topware is blacklisting sites for giving their average/subpar game an average or subpar score?

seraphcaeli2831d ago

I knew it - Topware are dicks.

shammgod2831d ago

This also affects the integrity of reviewers. This type of stuff could be happening more than we think. Shit, destructoid probably does this

kancerkid2830d ago

Don't you think Destructoid would profit more from exposing such under-the-table deals than taking whatever petty sum Topware could manage?

ironcreed2830d ago

Probably goes on a lot more than we know about. We just don't hear about it. That said, Two Worlds II is quite the gem. However, that does not excuse these sort of actions. Like I said, though, this sort of shit happens a lot more than we are privy to. Especially the gifts and bribes.

Legion2830d ago

I don't listen much to a site that throws out allegations and hides the names of the accusers. We know Topware has little to NO pull in the media. To say they would blacklist a site for a poor review? Exactly how would such an action happen and what effect would it cause?

Topware is not Activision or EA. It would be like me saying I am going to blacklist someone from my website for poor remarks. Who cares??!!!

I call shinanegans on the destructoid article. Give me some names of accusers if you are going to attack a company or anyone, otherwise you look like you are just stirring a pot of stew that noone is really interested in tasting anyway.

Two Worlds 2 is not the best game out there... but it is far from a poor game. I myself think it sits at an 8/10 for what I have experienced while playing. It is better then Risen (which I enjoyed) and I have played it longer then Oblivion due to Two Worlds keeping my attention longer. And Oblivion is a great game too... so what does that say about Two Worlds 2?

If you haven't played in then play it... otherwise you have no clue what you are talking about. As for the allegations that Topware is trying to strong arm the media? Well that sounds like the school geek trying to strong arm the Bully into giving him his lunch money.