Seven lessons video game villains can learn from Biff Tannen

Gamer's Guide to, 20th February 2011: "Cinema is riddled with memorable, easy-to-loathe villains. For over a century, film history has left a trail of brilliantly nefarious antagonists - characters so thoroughly evil that it's not uncommon for audiences to stand up and applaud when their comeuppance finally comes. Cruella de Vil. T-1000. The Joker. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, easily come to mind.

Think it's going to be easy for video game villains to catch up? Hello? HELLO?! Anybody home?! Think, McFly! Think!

Though its antagonist gallery boasts a few burgeoning stars, the video game industry has a long way to go before it can match the dream team of scoundrels, miscreants and tyrants found in over a century of film. To close the gap and ascend into antagonist Valhalla, video game villains need a coach."

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