Catherine : "casual" patch incoming

The game is too hard, Atlus has declared that it will release a patch to make it easier

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kx112826d ago

well good because the game is insanely hard

postofficebuddy2825d ago

I assumed so. I played the demo and even on easy it seemed relatively difficult. I actually hope they maintain the level of challenge if and when this gets a western release.

kx112825d ago

i played the Full game and trust me it is way harder than the demo even on easy

NukaCola2825d ago

This game is getting a patch to make it easier, and From is making Dark Souls even

Neckbear2825d ago

I wonder if they'll still keep the option for the higher difficulty setting, though.

Heh, hilarious that they actually had to resort to making a patch.

Lavalamp2825d ago

I really hope the patch appears in the form of an extra difficulty setting, so that the option for the hard mode is always there for the player whenever his/her inner-masochist comes a-callin'.

Redempteur2825d ago

i'm disapointed ..played teh demo and it was Quite easy ( never died and i played 4 times with differents paths each time ).

Adding a Super easy difficulty is fine as long as they keep the previous difficulties intact

Lavalamp2825d ago

In Japan. Came out last Thursday.

Kalowest2825d ago

WOW this game most be really hard. Imagine Catherine and Demon's Soul, having a baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.