Crysis 2: Brand New Underground Shots Emerged

Crytek have released some brand new hd-screenshots of Crysis 2 from the campaign.

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piroh2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

this CryEngine 3 is quite a good for a multiplatform engine

i wonder how will looks the Codename Kingdoms in realtime

Xfanboy2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

. I think when we put Crysis 2 out we will show a level that is, multiplatform-wise, maxing out, but we will look into with Microsoft how Kingdoms can push the Xbox 360 110 percent, to its limits.

"When you're spending a multimillion budget only on the Xbox 360, that team will be able to crank out the last two or three percent left in the console. But I think that two or three percent will make the difference potentially between day and night that you cannot afford if you go multiplatform." - crytek

cry engine 3 can do just about anything!
That's why ngp can use it!

Kalipekona2830d ago

When Crysis 2 is the best looking game on every platform it is available on I think it is pretty obvious that a Crytek exclusive will be something amazing.

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Bounkass2831d ago

Always those damn Germans...

awiseman2831d ago

Those "damn" Germans is who Crytek is, their roots are from Germany. And they have created the best looking ever known to mankind. Think twice before posting next time that sounded racist.


Cevat yerli and his brothers who run it are actuallly turkish so it owes its roots to Turkey :)

Kalipekona2830d ago

Turks and Germans are awesome.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Ahhh the age old Killzone 3 fanboy brigade,

the game has pros and cons


+ overall great looking game
+ Nice weapons
+ Awesome Melees
+ Enemies react to being shot
+ Great snow effects and effects in general
+ Great character designs (hleghast especially)
+ Good voice acting cast
+ Mechs (because mechs just win)
+ jetpacks (same reason as mechs)


- Health is to low in multiplayer which gives it a more CODish feel (slow movement and low health DO NOT mix)
- the class abilites are far to OP, its like spawning with a killstreak
- The marksman class can become completely undectable
- The marksman class is given an Assault rifle & a SMG
- The Tactician can see people through walls
- The bots are to weak to have an effect
- The water effects look dire
- There is alot of clipping
- Graphics while great lack detail
- jetpacks are more like jump packs
- Map shown in the beta was just one big bottleneck

Its by no means perfect in my eyes but it looks reasonable to me since Graphics arent a big factor for me.

That analysis obviously doesnt reflect my view of the final product but I doubt little will change.

Crysis 2 has a few cons for me so far,

- Lack of big team game mode
- Lack of vehicles
- No editor on consoles
- no AA on consoles
- semi auto Shotgun is a tad OP
- Low base health
- hit detection is hit and miss
- Kill cam latency
- glitch with the stealth kill were they appear out of your grasp but still die
- Some suit modules may be OP
- necessity to ADS, slows gameplay down
- Aim assist even though there is little, still gets a mark off for that.

I didnt give the pros of Crysis 2 for me because that would have been a bit to long winded but both have their flaws in my view.

baodeus2831d ago

is the base health in crysis 2 that low, i remember it takes quite a while to kill some one (it even take like a couple of sniper shot to kill, if you miss head shot)?

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