Yakuza 4 Images

New images from Yakuza 4 gameplay. (now it's translated)

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GamersLive2830d ago

sorry, gamers. It's now translated. thanks

Redman222830d ago

Downloaded the demo and it's really a lot of fun. I lol at the outfits they wear but besides that it's all good.

danmachine2830d ago

the best character to play as on the is the guy because he can counter.

Omegabalmung2830d ago

Cant wait for 4 to come out. Trying to beat 3 as quickly as possible just to get rdy for 4.

waltyftm2830d ago

Awesome game series, Still play the original on me ps2 and i am really looking forward to this and Of the end.

InfiniteJustice2829d ago

Bring on the demo this week. Can't wait to try out all the new characters

GamersLive2829d ago

This game look awesome. But the story of Yakuza has changed a lot in this game.