Call Of Duty 4: Weapon Research Video

Behind-the-scenes footage from when the IW crew went out to the firing range to get hands-on time with the weapons featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Proxy4069d ago

I never could find it, and gave up once I'd been redirected to about 3 other sites.

Rageaholic4069d ago

Call of duty one, but then call of duty 2 came out on the xbox, pretty impressive. Then I played it on PC even more impressive.

I then played cod 3 on PS3 ( pretty dam decent, but just refined) I hope COD ups it up a notch in modern warfare.

IMO this series is much better than halo series and resistance

sovietsoldier4069d ago

sounds are just as important as gameplay, and most of the time i find a lot of games lacking in the sound department. todate the best ww2 game gunn sounds have been bia. rainbowsix raven shield ties with cod4 for tactical shooters. swat3-4 which ever one comes in a close second.