NowGamer: Crysis 2 Preview

Crytek has done a great job of ensuring that no environment in the game feels unnaturally static or artificial. There are little touches of movement and animation everywhere.

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awiseman2831d ago

"If looks could kill, no one would reach the end of this game alive."

Not very original, but very fitting.

Kalipekona2830d ago

Journalists have been extremely impressed with the graphics of the 360 version they showed off.

I told people that they were going to be surprised by how good the console versions looked, but a lot of people wanted to stick their head in the sand.

It seems Crysis 2 was absolutely right about Crysis 2 being in the top 3 best graphics on each platform.

Kalipekona2830d ago

But as amazing as the graphics are it is the gameplay that has me most excited. I absolutely loved Crysis on the PC and it is obvious that the same style of gameplay has carried over to Crysis 2. I can't wait.