NowGamer: Red Faction: Armageddon Preview

When Armageddon was revealed to be a smaller, more compact experience than the sprawling yet unwieldy Guerrilla, concerns were aired faster and louder than a Fox News broadcast from an Obama-fronted rock concert.

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bluegreenman2828d ago

they need to bring back the digging system! the old red factions were PS2 and even had that.. I used to build tunnels like a mile down haha it took forever just to fall down them. I want that back.. I mean come on.. minecraft lets me lol

danmachine2828d ago

it would be good. but you can get the old red factions for pretty damn cheap on steam right now.

bluegreenman2828d ago

yeah i still have it for PS2 haha but i want a next gen version that has digging :) I would dig for hours..

Hellbound19782828d ago

Gawd I hope you can change the characters appearance cuz that look is very 80's S&M. Oh and yes bring back digging\tunneling I use to dig myself an S shaped tunnel and decimate with the rail gun LOL ahhh...good times!