NowGamer: Crysis 2 Interview - Exec Producer Nathan Camarillo

Nathan Camarillo speaks to NowGamer while simultaneously playing Crysis 2 - in 3D - on an Xbox 360.

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Shaman2852d ago

It seems like everyone that was on event are all over the game,from gameplay side and visuals as well.Nice to see Crytek are finishing it and delivering us next month,cant wait!

Kalipekona2852d ago

True. I have heard almost nothing but positive comments from those that attended the event. Crysis 2 is shaping up to be something great.

DigitalAnalog2852d ago

Similar prices. But damn, I need all the specs I can get.

-End of Line

awiseman2851d ago

Go Nvidia, you wont regret it. AMD cards do not offer the oomph you need for Crysis.

Although Nvidia has the oomph in power...and on your wallet.

iamgoatman2851d ago

460 or 5670? That's bit of a weird choice, the 5670 is quite a low end GPU, you can nab them for like £50. The 460 768mb goes for around £110 here in the UK, and is considerably faster than the 5670. The 1GB model is a bit more expensive but you gain that 1GB of VRAM which is needed for high resolutions.

The 460 1GB is better compared to a 5830 or there abouts, but even then I'd go with the 460. I've seen ATI 5850 go for as little as £115 on ebay and they easily outperform the 460 as well.

What's your budget though? For around £200 you can pick up a 560 ti or 6950 which can later be unlocked to a 6970 with some simple bios tweaks and therefore be better value for money than the 560 ti. I'd personally recommend saving up and getting either of those, preferably the 6950. But if you can pick up a 460 for 5670 prices, get one! SLI them later on.