Thor: God of Thunder has a release date for Europe

The game is coming in the USA on May 3 while in Europe is coming in April...

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jay22828d ago

It's coming to 3DS? Oh ok, I didn't know that, guess I'll grab it on that then.

Optical_Matrix2828d ago

May 3th? Oh dear. Who the hell wrote this.

Quagmire2828d ago


but seriously, who the hell cares? Its a movie game. And

RXL2828d ago

a team of retarded monkeys with pencils duct taped to their foreheads wrote this.

and it was proof read by a toddler.

Primal Rex2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

probably be shockingly bad huh get it !!!

TheColbertinator2828d ago

Every console except PSP.Anyone else see the train wreck that SEGA is pulling into the station here?