Thief 4 Set For GDC 2011 Reveal ?

Thief 4 looks set for a GDC reveal late next month, after Square Enix announced a talk on the game's audio by staffer Paul Weir.

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I_find_it_funny2766d ago

This game better be hard and complex

Zinc2766d ago

Yes... I understand what you mean. However, I'm a little concerned... they could really screw this up. I guess we will have to wait and see.

NukaCola2766d ago


Has square delivered on console this gen? Answering your questions really bud.

VenomProject2766d ago

Agreed. Please let this happen...

PrimordialSoupBase2766d ago

Thief 2 is still leagues better than nearly any of game of the past decade.

ExitToExisT2766d ago

since you started revealing games square , i hope you'll reveal hitman 5 also

Malebaria2766d ago

If true, this would be huge.

Kalipekona2766d ago

I love the Thief series. I hope they can do the series justice. I am excited for it.

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