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Microsoft: Big Hardcore Games Event On Feb 24th

TMC: Aaron Greenberg has confirmed the existence of the event, as well as it's content and the official date. (Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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Xbox360PS3AndPC  +   1656d ago
Please Not Kinect Games, I Want Proper Core Games Like PGR5
anthraxCZ  +   1656d ago
i want proper core games too, but also some for kinect, because kinect has extreme potential

i hope we will see something from kingdoms, forza, haunt, rise of nightmares and steel batalion

and maybe: new halo, alan wake 2, pgr like you said would be awesome too
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Stealth20k  +   1656d ago
absolutely no kinect games because kinect has no potential..............

alan wake 2=yay
lost oddessy 2=yay
kinect free exclusisive=win

@ wwm0nkey, then with a controller whats the point of kinect? arent you suppose to be the controller?lol
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wwm0nkey  +   1656d ago
But what if they announce a Move/wii mote like controller that they will include in most of their games :D
IRetrouk  +   1656d ago
no alan wake 2, they are making new xmen game.
captain-obvious  +   1655d ago
i'll believe it when i'll see it
MS still claims that kinect is ((hard core))
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kreate  +   1655d ago
why do i have the feeling they're going to promote a few mediocre games and make it seem like a high budget core title...
gaffyh  +   1655d ago
I'm pretty sure that we'll see:

Forza 4, Gears of War 3 again.
Fable 4, Halo remake announced.

And I don't think we'll see anything else, possibly a new CG trailer for Kingdoms, but I definitely do not expect gameplay.

Lost Odyssey 2 doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen. First game was awesome.
Moentjers  +   1655d ago
it has been long time since I heard someone mentioning the 'huge potential' of kinect. wait and see or wait and wait some more ?
gamingdroid  +   1655d ago
Ahhh... I can't wait and I hope they show some real game play footage of those Kinect hardcore games.

Some more hardcore exclusive games would be nice as well, not that I care they are exclusive.
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Rainstorm81  +   1656d ago
Microsoft kinda pisses me off with this new segregation of gaming communities.....MS please can you just focus your gaming events on ALL gamers and stop treating "core" gamers as second hand citizens.

On Topic:
Hopefully Kingdoms gets a proper unveiling and more 2011 titles are announced...I think they can leave gears 3 at home for this one i for one have seen enough, it looks amazing, im ready to play the game at this point
HatvestMoon3D   1656d ago | Spam
Senden  +   1656d ago
This!!! Segregating the people who got them where they are and labelling them as "core gamers" is nothing less than insulting. They shouldn't need to confirm they have a core gamer event planned, it should be a given.

Also announce some REAL games.. something new and fresh not just the same old same old sequels. However i'd admit i'd just settle for a halo 1 hd remake providing the gameplay was untouched and it contained mp.
Senden  +   1655d ago
HatvestMoon I think you've got it backwards.. microsoft are usually the ones who claim to be the best out there and run their mouths off constantly.

NPD will almost certainly not effect ps3 games much and it certainly won't effect the ps3 the same way kinect has effected the xbox 360. Good luck with your xbox though, if you really believe microsoft will take care of your gaming needs (providing you enjoy proper games and not some ten minute casual bollocks) then all the power to you.
Rainstorm81  +   1655d ago

Make fun of what? This is the best news i heard from MS all year....As motion gaming isnt my thing, i like regular "core" controller based games.

I hope you enjoy making fun of Sony, i own 0 stock in the company nor do i make any money off of them. I just own a PS3 just like i own a 360.....**crazy fanboys**...SMH

I guess i made fun of gears 3 by saying it looks amazing....hmmm

Edit @ Super Lupe and Harvest
I know you guys have a hard time accepting this but let me help.......Just because someone doesnt agree with every move these companies make it doesnt make them a fanboy of it's competitor.....I dont fight in Console Wars...im not a Sony Soldier or a Microsoft Mercenary...Im a Gamer that speaks his mind on gaming....its so hilarious to watch people attack a company as if its hurts the consumer.

PSN/XBL - Rainstorm81
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SuperLupe  +   1655d ago
"MS please can you just focus your gaming events on ALL gamers and stop treating "core" gamers as second hand citizens." The crap you guys spew is just incredible.

MS has got there user base practically EVERY big playstation franchise that made Sony's success the last 2 gens, from DMC to freaking Tekken passing by Final Fantasy. I mean do you realise the number of people who havent bought a PS3 for the simple reason that MS have done everything possible the last 5 years for their "core" base ?

Its a good thing that they realise that they have a casual and core crowd. Nintendo didnt take that into account and look where that got them too.

And anyways its not like Sony can talk about having a casual and core audience since Move aint moving $hit at retail.
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SuperLupe  +   1655d ago
double post.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1655d ago
HAvastMoon made
me lol. I hope he was joking

meetajhu   1656d ago | Offensive
Raendom  +   1656d ago
Finally, some competition? :)
sjaakiejj  +   1656d ago
I'm guessing that these two situations may occur:

1. It features Forza 4, Gears of War 3 and perhaps a new Fable game
2. It's filled with Kinect games, and Microsoft confirms it now considers that to be the core audience.

We'll see what happens.
Senden  +   1656d ago
Sad but true.. core games will include same old sequel announcements, maybe a new trailer for that new IP they're doing and then they'll try ramming kinect titles down our throats.

Steel Batallion will be on rails and you point your hands where you want to shoot with a few little other movements you can do like dodge and maybe even call out voice commands.. that's a "core gaming" kinect title in microsoft's eyes.
DiRtY  +   1655d ago
Looking forward to

Killzone THREE
Uncharted THREE
Infamous TWO
Motorstorm THREE

--> Sequels are something everyone in the industry does. I have no problem with it as long as the quality is right like Halo, Gears, forza or uncharted.

On topic:
I am looking forward to these titles already:

- Gears of War 3
- Ghost Recon
- Rise of Nightmares
- Kingdom
- Project Draco
- LA Noire
- Bulletstorm

As a non-fanboy I can look forward to multiplat titles as well! Seems like some guys on N4G forgot about it.
strickers  +   1655d ago
Those PS3 titles you listed are all new this gen except KZ.
The thing is Sony make new IP every gen rather than milking the old ones and are still introducing new IP.Ninty are using 20 year old IP and any new IP from MS are usually 3rd party timed ones.
Pedobear Rocks  +   1656d ago
Aaron Greenberg describes ANY MS event as 'hardcore' if they are serving ribs. Lots and lots of ribs. Doesn't even matter if there are games. Just ribs.
TheLeprachaun  +   1655d ago
Mate don't knock ribs. The last microsoft press event I was at, we got tons of sandwiches, ribs and cake. :D

Although at gamescom, Sony gave us burgers and beer, which is way better.
lelo2play  +   1656d ago
It's about time... Microsoft need more hardcore exclusives for 2011.
Moentjers  +   1655d ago
Announced in februari 2011 and already playable in 2011? Nothing new leaked so if it's a new IP, maybe just maybe for christmas-season...
quiddd  +   1655d ago
How hardcore can you get with titles like Body and Brain Connection?
DiRtY  +   1655d ago
as hardcore as you can with SingStar and Buzz?
DelbertGrady  +   1655d ago
Great! Wonder what titles they will unveil?
Inside_out  +   1655d ago
M$ and the hardcore masses...
This is why fanboys are so necessary. The PS3 guys keep complaining about how M$ has giving up so now M$ has to respond...lol...Same thing happen with Sony...everybody laughed at them for all their silly kids game and now they are trying to be hardcore...lol.

Sucker Punch went from sly cooper last gen to Infamous this gen...

Naughty Dog went from Jak/daxter and Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted...

Insomniac went from Ratchet/clank to Resistance...

....so fanboys are important. Hopefully, M$ will feel the need to invest in some more, Hardcore titles. I hope they show some Kingdoms game play...wonder what that's going to look like. Forza 4 and Gears already look great. I hope they don't spoil all the E3 showings.

I hope Kingdoms looks like this...love this jam...CRANK IT...1:23 FTW...

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Biggest  +   1655d ago
It's funny because he thinks Sly Cooper is the same as Michael Phelps: Push the Limit. It's also funny because he's ignoring all of the more mature titles that the PS2 was WELL known for (GTA, GoW, GT, FF). Ahh well. I guess the moral of his story is "Wait until the the next Xbox guys. Microsoft will keep following Sony's lead and we'll get some games in a few years."
IRetrouk  +   1652d ago
you havnt seen forza 4 yet, it was just a prerenderd video
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1655d ago
Kinect is just a fad like any other fad, its one of these must own things amongst casual gamers just like COD.
Karum  +   1655d ago
I'm desperate for MS to reveal some hardcore, 360 exclusives (games that are only on 360 as they seem to count 360/pc games as exclusives) to give me an excuse to turn mine on again as I only have Gears 3 as a planned 360 purchase.

I'm not getting excited though, I allowed my hopes to be raised at the 360 E3 event last year and was massively disappointed as there was nothing new that interested me.

I don't expect a great deal from this event though, I'd expect any of those new announcements to be saved for E3. I remain hopeful but won't get my hopes up too much beyond the likes of Gears 3 and Kingdoms (Kingdoms seems interesting but need to wait and see how it looks).
wwm0nkey  +   1655d ago
I really really hope we see Steel Battalion in action.
LOLOLFFSA  +   1655d ago
I would LOVE to hear about some new fresh exclusive ip's. Hopefully they will show Kingdoms and more. Gears series is not for me, Im happy with my Forza 3 and Kinect is not something I would get, yet. If they can bring games that are played using Kinect+pad I would be interested.

Please MS, do not forget the gamers who chose you from the very beginning, the core.
NoobJobz  +   1655d ago
I agree with you there. I do think they will have to go against the whole "no controllers needed" thing for kinect. It works but only for certain games. They will figure ot that if people want to move around freely in the game there will need to be a controller.
DATNEWYAWKER  +   1655d ago
Good luck with this MS fans, I wonder how many of you people here actually read articles or just start commenting based off of the headline? Here's an excerpt...you know..from the article.

Small Update: The press conference hasn't been confirmed in a press release yet, so there's a chance that it might be an NDA event (Non Disclosure Agreement). This means that we might not be able to get any announcements until GDC. As soon as anything comes up, we'll keep you updated .
kenjix  +   1655d ago
He's probably going to host a killzone 3 Game Night :)
DigitalRaptor  +   1655d ago
If Microsoft announce some potentially great exclusive games, then excellent - That is what the userbase deserves after all.

But if the fanboys thinking it will be some sort of rebuttal to the content Sony is offering in 2011, they can just go on home. Nothing is taking the crown from Sony winning 2011, in terms of content.

I really hope Microsoft aren't hyping up their consumers for nothing here. They are known for that, and it will only cause disappointment if this "hardcore games event" is not really anything special.
gamer2010  +   1655d ago
I honestly don't care about 3-penis wars on the internet. Last year I thought the 360 had the better lineup of exclusives, but that didn't make me throw my PS3 out the window. And I won't throw my 360 out the window this year just because there are fewer exclusives.
Jaws007  +   1655d ago
Fable has always been overrated trash, Alan Wake 2? No one bought the first, LO, no one bought the first.

Yeah and people say PS3 guys don't buy their exclusives. Look at mod nation and heavy rain.
DOMination  +   1655d ago
Alan wake and lost odyssey have sold more than modnation racers.
ATiElite  +   1655d ago
Xbox 360 Exclusive Gun Loco
Masterchef2007  +   1655d ago
i will believe it when i see it. Cause as Microsoft says the 360s focus for 2011 will be Kinect. Anyways if they do announce any new core exclusives they will probably be for 2012
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Clarence  +   1655d ago
This could be good or bad depending on the type of gamer you are.
Tyre  +   1655d ago
probably some exclusives and the re-announcement of the so called for the 'core' Kinect games. I hope for some real controller based games for the real gamers instead...it would be a master move if Microsoft announced a new exclusive core only list for 2011 though.
Agent_S  +   1655d ago
I will proceed with caution, i've been burned before.
guigsy  +   1655d ago
Realistically we can expect the Halo remake to be officially announced, and the Gears of War announcement delayed from the VGAs. I don't think we will see Kingdoms until E3. Hopefully Microsoft will surprise us with something else.
Updat8blogger  +   1655d ago
Probably a host of generic kinect games loosely labelled as hardcore ie Kinect Pillow Fight, Kinect Cooking LOL...although I do expect Halo Remake to be announced, if so Microsoft may be doing something right for a change.
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TheColbertinator  +   1655d ago
Kinctimals 2?
rlm41  +   1655d ago
360 fans have been very patient.. I have a feeling Microsoft is prepping for some huge surprises in the following months, for both this year and next.
NoobJobz  +   1655d ago
I wouldn't doubt it. With everyone complaining about how 2011 sucks for MS, I would be very suprised if they didn't announce some good games that will come out this year.
KaiokenKid  +   1655d ago
I wonder what their definition of "Core Games" is/
Figboy  +   1655d ago
Two things make me question this:

1) Microsoft only has, roughly, 8 first AND second party development studios. How many of those studios do you think has the manpower to produce all the Kinect games MS is touting, AND, "core" non-Kinect games?

In comparison (not an attack or stealth troll, just a fact), Sony has 19 first party studios, AND 11 second party studios. Many of them have "core" AND MOVE titles in the works for this year (I won't list them here, but Sony has, at least, one major title releasing every month of this year, some months have TWO, and they are all first/second party, and EXCLUSIVE). Point is, they have PLENTY of manpower to produce enough content to satisfy BOTH markets. Microsoft simply does not.


Lionhead: Fable 4 most likely
343 Industries: New Halo (confirmed to not be releasing this year)
Big Park: Joyride (Kinect game)
Good Science Studios: Kinect Adventures
MGS Mobile Gaming: Mobile games, of course
Rare: Kinect dudes these days
Turn 10: Forza
Xbox LIVE Productions: Fable Pub games, South Park Tower Defense
Wingnut Interactive: Have yet to release ANYTHING

Most of Microsoft's "core" games have come from 3rd parties like Epic. Heavy hitter studios like Bungie are now making multi-platform titles. Unless they've struck up a LOT of really lucrative deals concerning 3rd party exclusives, I don't see the same exclusivity love being showered on the 360 these days like it was in 2005 and 2006, when there wasn't any competition on the market, and 2007, when the PS3 was too difficult to develop for. Both consoles are nearly dead even as far as market penetration, so I don't see many 3rd parties eager to ignore half of their selling potential.

2) Lack of leaks. This is a HUGE one. Days, weeks, sometimes MONTHS before a show event like GDC or E3, we'd have numerous leaks concerning what the companies are planning. The PSP Go, NGP, and numerous other products/games have been revealed WAAAAY before Sony's conferences.

I highly doubt journalists are doing MS a courtesy by not revealing potentially hot, breaking, hit garnering stories.

The Halo 1 remake is the only leak I've heard about concerning the 360. No new hardware buzz. No secret followups to some obscure title we've been dying for for ages now (sorry Killer Instinct 3). It's ominously quiet. Kind of like it was before GDC 2010, E3 2010, and TGS 2010.

XBLA has some great titles hitting this year, but as for retail release Xbox 360 games, there hasn't been nary a PEEP outside of Gears 3 (which was announced AGES ago), and Forza 4 (announced around the start of the new year).

THAT, is why I'm simply reserving judgment, and waiting for MS to deliver.

It's ironic, as a big PlayStation fan, I remember the many "wait and see" posts by fellow PlayStation fans concerning the potential and future quality games for the PS3, and now the shoe is on the other foot.

I've NEVER experienced a console generation where each year a console gets LESS exclusive titles compared to the year before. Microsoft should be looking to EXPAND it's first and second party studio line up. They have the money. There isn't a lack of talent (especially with all these studio closures from Activision, to name just one publisher closing doors on devs).
Updat8blogger  +   1655d ago
Microsoft were at one point more hardcore than Sony in regards to titles available for the system. I purchased a 360 before I moved to PS3 as I could see the inevitable.

Microsoft has been downsizing and closing studios over the years thus reducing their ability to satisfy the core market sufficiently.

The casual market might seem like a treasure trove of potential income but this theory is very shallow. Most casual gamers might purchase one or two titles before moving on to the next fad whilst hardcore gamers are reliable and consistent purchasers.

In effect hardcore market is probably more lucrative and important.
shinrock  +   1655d ago
i all ways thought that HARDCORE gamers were people who just played games all the time.i don't remember game types being a sign of hardcore.

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