CSI: Hard Evidence Achievements Revealed by x360a

So then... They're out and we wish they weren't.

CSI Hard Evidence has 5 achievements... Yes, we said 5, worth 1000 points.

Complete 5 different cases and get any ranking. They're really pushed the boat out on originality this time.

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Syko4069d ago

God DAMNIT!! I figured I could skate by and not have to play this...But then they sucker me in with an easy 1000 points. Hopefully it's not as painful to play as King Kong.

mariusmal4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

sorry to say but this is when achivements start to make gaming bad. you are going to spend time and money just for achivements ? if i dont like a game i dont play it even if it has easy ass achivements. i like achivements but im not a slave to them.

The devs of this game are trying to sell it for the achivements... stupid because i played the previous games and liked it even if im now a fan of the show. could they at least make like 20g finish the level... 50 for finishing it has expert etc etc.

Syko4069d ago

Spend Time for Achievements, Yes...Spend Money for Achievements, No. That is what Gamefly is for. And yes I love Achievements so this game is a must play for me. If you don't understand than that's not my problem. I am ADDICTED to Achievement points.

mariusmal4069d ago

and im addicted to games. i was just expressing my opinion about the achivements. if you cant take it, ill jst shut up. cya and good achivements