GamesRadar - Jurassic Park: The Game hands-on

GamesRadar - Telltale Games has come a long way since it was a 15-man operation with Telltale Texas Hold’em to its credit. Since then, the studio’s been fighting the good fight, keeping the point ‘n’ click adventure genre alive with many successful episodic series and digital releases. Now, the company is pulling out the big guns with its sights set on big licensed properties, like The Walking Dead, Fables, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park.

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NukaCola2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

It's easy to say that this is Heavy Rain influenced. The mix of investigative puzzles and QTEs are very intriguing as I loved HR to death. Only question is if the choices you make alter the game or it's win or lose, or like God of War where QTE fails give you damage and not just kill you all the time. HR used a lot of space to on the bluray. I can assume that this game will be linear on one disc, or if it has a more open sotyr path, it'll be on 2 discs? Anyway I am looking forward to this game.

EDIT: After watching some videos, It's hard to tell the quality since the vids are cheezy. The characters are cartoony but the dinosaurs are all HD and detailed up.

lashes2ashes2854d ago

this game is not on discs. its episodic on psn like all of telltale's games

NukaCola2853d ago

oh ok... cool beans. i am going to get the back to the future game. i played the demo, and i was very very impressed with it.