Glorious new No More Heroes screenshots

Grasshopper Manufacturer has just released a wad full of new images for its upcoming Nintendo Wii title, No More Heroes. The stylised visuals are great, vibrant and full of tons of detail. We catch glimpses of the game's protagonist saving his game on the toilet; playing with a little kitty cat and zipping about town on his motorbike. There are even stills of his bedroom shelves, complete with a Nintendo 64 and controllers!

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cooke154098d ago

Looks great, I cannot wait for this game!! Ubi better do a good job promoting this.. All they have to do is call it GTA with swords haha

PS360WII4098d ago

very cool. Yea I'm glad Ubisoft did grab this one. I thought it was coming to the US since I've heard of it but I guess it wasn't going to come untill Ubi said 'hey wait'

Anyway after seeing some of the demo vids and whatnot it does kind of seem the game speaks for itself. Just have to have enough tv spotlight showing it in action!

cooke154098d ago

360 and ps3 fanboys will ignore this game because its on Wii.. its too bad :( its going to be great

PS360WII4098d ago

yeah I've noticed a new trend too with those people. Any franchise being brought to the Wii they'll say 'well there's another game ruined by the Wii' I mean come on that's just dumb to say