Geohot asks for donations, sets up a new blog!

PSX-Scene: geohot has finally decided, after discussing the matter with his lawyers, to open a donation link to support his growing Legal fees in the fight against Sony. He has also setup a new blog with updates on the case.

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Godmars2902618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

I wonder if Sony offered this guy some kind of settlement would he be smart enough to take it.

Not that I see Sony doing anything of the sort, but then obviously this guy isn't going to back down. Was stupid for taking this as far as he has, especially considering that he'll still be in court when the PS5 is announced. If he's lucky that is.

Pretty sure that because it is Sony suing him, that if he came to them saying he'd cooperate they'd drop the suit. Of course he's not going to do that.

jeeves862618d ago

That would only work if 'he' were suing them.

mrv3212618d ago

The problem I see with this is that hacking in on itself ISN'T illegal, however if you get PAID for it I think it's far easier to prosecute. Esoecially if you can this to piracy. And as such I am donating $1 with the message; 'This is to Geohot, the hacker, without his hacking I wouldn't have been able to give him money. He saved me so much by allowing piracy'

Again, I don't pirate.

captain-obvious2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

this guys reputation is already bad when it comes to talking about legal stuff

the creator of Iphone jail Break
which lets ppl download anything for free from the app store

Sony's lawyers could use this fact to make him look worse than he already is

rroded2618d ago

meh who cares...
bigger fish ta fry peeps.

VenomProject2618d ago


I stopped watching after I heard the term "members of the 9/11 truth movement."

zag2618d ago

Only proves he is after money for hacking the PS3.

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FailOverHero2618d ago

I'm not suprised you didn't try reading the article/post as a whole, it is pretty long and I'm sure by the time he started dissing SONY you were too annoyed to continue. However had you continued you'd have read this:
What if SCEA tries to settle? Lets just say, I want the settlement terms to include OtherOS on all PS3s and an apology on the PlayStation blog for ever removing it. It'd be good PR for Sony too, lord knows they could use it. I'm also willing to accept a trade, a legit path to homebrew for knowledge of how to stop new firmwares from being decrypted.

Godmars2902618d ago

Didn't read for the plain simple fact I'm tired of the story and would like it to go away. This idiot is in the process of ruining his life over some stupid consumer device that's going to be made redundant in a few years and it would be nice if someone on the Sony side pointed such out to him with the option of making all this crap go away if he in turn showed some sign of common sense.

Nevermind all this got sarted in the first place because he was trying to exploit otherOS.

FailOverHero2618d ago

I find it silly to say you didn't read the whole thing because you are tired of the whole story and want it to go away. Yet here you are not only commenting but asking hypothetical questions that have already been answered in the post and creating more debate on the story you want to go away.
If you really wanted it to go away you wouldn't contribute to it by asking questions about it.

jeeves862618d ago

By the time Sony would settle, he'd be in no position to negotiate any terms. Sony will purposely drag out the case until he has nothing left.

Honestly, the only negotiation I think they'll work with is "you stop now, sign your name to the line that states you will never do this again for any system that Sony creates, and we won't pound your ass into the ground financially."

insomnium22618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )


Why won't you just roll over and die already. Waste of breath.

P_Bomb2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

GeoHot's not one to talk about anyone apologising for good PR. He and the others hacks should apologise to everyone that just wants to play games. Why publically disperse the codes in the 1st place? I didn't need them.

F*&$ Other OS and anyone still bringing it up in 2011. You don't need or use OS to play games. It's the hackers that wasted MY time with these latest firmware patches that would never have been necessary had they kept it for themselves in the first place. Don't waste MY time then beg like a dog for MY money.

NeutralGamer2618d ago

If just Geohot had behaved more like a hacker/cracker and sticked to the usual anonymous appereance on forums and IRC... Then Sony would not know who he was and sue him so fast?

Its his own fault that each time he hacks a device he has to act like a superstar and appear on TV shows (remember when he was in TV, because he jailbroke the iPhone?)

joeorc2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

what you an other's are failing to take into George just proved with this post is:

the consumer does not get to decide what goes open source an what does not. the people who created it does! no consumer has that right to tell any company what software to go open source!, that's what this real issue is about.

these game consoles are embedded system's they are made a certain way. you can buy the hardware but the software on the system does not belong to you. at all! you are granted a licence, not ownership. forcing a company to make their system open source is just asking for trouble!

if you want an open source system , there are plenty of companies that offer such a system already it's called a PC hardware, it's already made to allow the consumer to put what ever Software OS you want.

Game consoles are embedded system's.
they are not PC's. What Sony offered was the ability to allow the "Other OS" to be installed through the XMB in the phat. before the PS3 slim went to market Sony removed the ability of Install Other OS. george cannot tell a company to put it back because it did not ship with it at point of sale. if he wanted to keep it he could on any PRE playstation 3 slim. but that's not what george want's he want's it put into the PS3 slim also.

thus it's not his's Sony's !

forceing the consumer's will on a company is just as bad when you claim that a company is stepping on you right's. you cannot have it both way's.

zag2618d ago

I don't think he'll get much money anyway.

He'd be failing on 2 points that the judge wants him to comply with.

The getting money and the hosting of the files off the net.

He's screwed just on those points now.

His lawyer has failed him by not telling him the truth and that is he's going to be screwed.

Sony can just say well it was removed because Geohot had said he was using it to hack the PS3.

He posted this up all over the place is also on 50,000 news sites hosted as well.

It's no good saying I only did it to get Linux back on the system when it was already there in the first place working.

This a DMCA court case he has to now prove he didn't hack the PS3 and the dickhead just can't stop telling everyone he hacked the system.

He's guilty of what Sonys says right now that is how this law works, people don't understand because your guilty first not innocent.

beardpapa2618d ago

I just wanted to say that it was the hacking that led to Sony removing OtherOS. Geohot's proposal and wanting of having it back is just bull. I bet if Sony did bring it back, the hackers won't even bother to touch it anymore considering they've already jailbroken the PS3 using Geohot's method.

Enigma_20992617d ago


Why sure... just as soon as the idiot puts a stop to all the pirating that's taking place because of his "noble crusade" to bring back Other OS support... Oh, and he has to make sure it never becomes an issue again! Not to mention replacing all the money that they lost due to the pirates in the first place because of this. If he can pull that off, why I bet Sony would pay his air fare to Sony HQ and shake his hand in public on the front lawn...

What, that too much to ask for? So's an apology. Screw him, his supporters, his noble crusade, AND his article!!!

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tatotiburon2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Go geohot i will kdonate, anyone that piss off ps3fanboys so gkod money

BrokenGamez2618d ago

thats a pretty fanboyish statement in its self lol

gamingdroid2618d ago

All I have to say is:

"Sony doesn't care if what you did was legal, if they don't like it, they sue. Sony tried to sue a guy for getting his AIBO to do non Sony approved tricks, making it apparent that they don't really care about piracy, they care about control. In (Sony vs Bleem), Bleem was the winner on all counts, but the high cost of a legal defense shut them down."

"Who are they[Sony] to authorize what I do with my taxed and paid for property?
fail0verflow's goal was even nobler than mine. They wanted to give you back a feature Sony illegally stole, Linux on your PS3. It's shameful on Sony's part that they are being sued at all. If you have a problem with pirates, sue them, don't sue people who point out your shortcomings."

I'M DONATING!!! This has far more reaching implications than a simply console war that nobody really cares about anyhow.

jf3sh132618d ago

@ gaming droid,
The hardware is your property not the software, you do not have the the right to run any software you want on the ps3 the user agreement states it clearly if you read it, it even states that sony has the right to add or remove software at any time with or without your permission, they don't even have to notify you first, all of the things that people want to do illegally on there ps3, they can do legally on there pc (except piracy) you can run any os you want but on the ps3 when you click "I agree" on the user agreement you are entering a legal contract, you would do well to read it next time

hiredhelp2618d ago

Go geohot i will kdonate, anyone that piss off ps3fanboys so gkod money

well just incase your a 360 fanboy. for most of us that are upset about this it doesnt mean we ps3 fanboys.

and if you wanted to act like a child. then take a note.
IF this was ok and we rolled over like microsoft

microsoft would be in real sh*t as the hardware sales would rocket on the ps3.

gamingdroid2618d ago

You would do well to know that whatever you sign or agree to, doesn't take away your rights.

I don't care what Sony puts on their agreement, if I'm unhappy with what they do, I have a right to voice my opinion. There is boat load of crap in that agreement and I bet you most of it isn't legal even!

I haven't modified my console, and lack of OtherOS or even Custom Firmware doesn't affect me, but I don't like how Sony is trampling all over me so I will stand up for my rights.

But hey, if you are ok with Sony removing features after the fact and take away more of your rights, then all means don't say anything and enjoy your games!!!

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ATiElite2618d ago

I'm gonna make this as easy as I can so everyone understands.

He's Screwed!! Sony is gonna make an example out of this guy and I'm sure Steve Jobs over at Apple has even volunteered some of their Lawyers to help Sony.

Giant International Corporation vs. Loud Mouth Arrogant Geek = Maximum Carnage!! Sony is gonna unleash the fury of kratos on this Ass Clown. I under estimated what Geo Hot did but he really opened up the PS3 and now PS3 games are free, just like 360, Wii, and PC.

I'm gonna donate NEGATIVE ZERO to his legal fees. oh and heres a big middle finger to you to Geo Not!!

nickjkl2618d ago

uh doubt it by the time the ps5 comes out sony would drop the case the guy has already accumulated like 10k court room fees after what 3 months do you think he can keep this up for 10 to 20 years

its obvious sony knows the guy cant pay them for how ever much if they were to win and they know he cant pay for his court fees now

they are just trying to ruin his life put him in a grave he cant get out of

which is the only way to punish some one like this

RufustheKing2618d ago

I hope that this kid is living on the streets by june. Nothing like a kid playing in a mans world and not knowing to quit while your ahead.

Geoshot my boy, Karma is a Bitch and so are you.

MUNKYPOO2618d ago

I would rather donate money to Sony to see this guy lose or be buried in debt. People like this ruin gaming for everyone. We would still have stuff like Other OS and probably more features on PSN but sony has to use their resources to combat against this stuff.

morkendo232618d ago

a donation?? is he FKing kidding after all this mess and he want innocent gamers to help with his problem??? lmfao

facelike2617d ago

Sorry dude, I agree with you. Hit the wrong button

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