Killzone 3 - Nyleveia Review

With just three days to go until release, if you're still on the fence about Killzone 3, Nyleveia's review is up!

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enkeixpress2165d ago

Must-Buy if you own a PlayStation 3.

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Elimin82165d ago

Also, should be played with MOVE! Love it..

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KRATOS-PS32165d ago

It's also a matter of which game u play with a motion controller. I'm no WII Fan and don't like the games for WII cause they don't feel Next-Gen. Move is simply a great addition to the standard Dualshock and just because a few people here said some negative things about motion contr. it does not mean that this is representative in any way.

t0mmyb0y2165d ago

The Wii has its games(Metroid for FPS), and this is about the closest thing you can get to it on PS3. Only difference is with this there's more to customize. It took me around 8 hours to finally figure out what I liked :)

Sizzon2165d ago

great review and score :)

Focker4202165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

The story is almost as good as this...

for those that don't know, it was a joke

karl2165d ago

i cant wait anymore....

Mr Tretton2165d ago

ugh, drives me crazy seeing a that a lot of people have gotten the game early.

It'll be worth saving the money in that I'm getting in from Amazon on release day for 38.98 with the bonus map packs

sigh, just a few more days

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