We'll play multi-platform MMO's in the future

Article about possibility of a future MMO game that would bring PC, PS3 and X360 players to permanent battleground, to fight against each other and score points for their own faction/platform. English translation via Google Translate.

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HarryMonogenis2651d ago

Well, there are games out there that allow PC gamers and Xbox 360 gamers to play together, and then you have games that allow PC gamers and PS3 gamers to play together.

I don't think, though, that we'll ever see PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers being able to come together and play. Sony and Microsoft simply wouldn't allow it.

wooglah2651d ago

They would if that would make them earn more money.

Also, article suggests pitting players from different systems against each other, by using funboyism for something creative. It would be 'console wars MMO' :)

ASSASSYN 36o2651d ago

And why not? Final fantasy allowed Xbox, pc, and ps2 to play together.

Ketchua2651d ago

Well said... Nice article :)

DFresh2651d ago

PC is the only way to play MMOs.
Keyboard & Mouse FTW!
On top of that PC servers always stay open the longest for these types of games.
Console MMOs will just die out by the next gen when Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo move on to their next consoles.
In this situation I wouldn't trust getting MMOs on anything else but a PC.

Raoh2651d ago

final fantasy xi says hello. PS2, PC, 360 and BC PS3's playing together.

Ingram2651d ago

about time, I don't know why we got in-game real brand advertising before this.

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