30° PlayStation Move Heroes hands on.'s Adam Dolge writes: 'Ostensibly, PlayStation Move Heroes is Sports Champions featuring iconic PlayStation characters in place of forgettable avatars. Developed by the chaps at Nihilistic Software, it’s a mini-game competition that requires Sony’s motion-sensing peripheral to command a collection of familiar faces: Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley, and Jax and Daxter.'

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zoibie2586d ago

After the playing the demo for myself... ugh. This is not a fun game at all.

Galvanise_2586d ago

I'm not convinced either. The lack of platforming is a big problem.

Eric29292586d ago

Yeah, it seems like quite a shame to gather all these platform heroes together into one game, and then go ahead and skimp on the platforming!

jneul2586d ago

the hate on this game is unbelieveable....

jneul2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

sorry i am going to comment again here is my proof that its not just a mini game collection im fed up of ppl judging it by the demo, if you fuly watch it what do you see, you can move around, interact with swiches and use your weapons against enemies on this video, the only thing i have not seen is jumping, but it's the only thing missing, its not just like your character stands still and you have to say like throw your weapon to get a medal, this game is not as bad as people are making it out to be, they are judging it by one demo, which probably has the easiest part of the game in just so you can get used to the controls watch now to see what i mean

danmachine2585d ago

Why did you block me? Are you scared of debtin about something or is you love for this game so huge that you won't listen to reason? Rhys a pretty cowardly thing to do anyway here's my reply to the abusive message you sent me

Your misunderstanding me I never said it was bad but it IS A collection of mini game style challenges such as bowling and wave survival. It isn't a proper game in that sense there is no real story to the game it's just filler to get the characters together. There is no exploration your jut put into and arena and you have to get a gold silver or bronze medal in the event whether it be bowling as jak or shooting as clank, it's nice to see all the legendary characters together but that's where the appeal ends for me.

Without playstation move this game wouldn't exist

Also stop insulting people you don't know and learn some manners.