Media hate on the PS3: Why?

Criticisms of the Sony PlayStation 3, of which much was justified, is close to becoming a cultural phenomenon such has been the intensity of the negatives associated with that console. It's no surprise then, when the brightest star of it's main rival - the champion that is Halo 3 - is introduced into the fold, mixed and the resulting explosion is green (for Microsoft).

But what does it actually mean for Sony's PS3?

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Meus Renaissance4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

We're all well aware of the effect Halo 3 will have the Xbox 360 in terms of sales but it won't sell more than 2million extra consoles this year due to that, increasing it's total sales to around 13million in it's 2nd year. Sony simply have not been able to compete because of their price initiative and the lacking of great games, yet have a userbase of around 5million coming up to its 1st year birthday.

Considering these simple facts, I'm astonished that professional technology journalists who monitor the gaming industry are announcing the demise of the PlayStation 3. Halo 3 won't have as much as an impact (long-term) as a price cut would for Microsoft's console, and although it has a great appeal, it will not sell 10mill consoles this year - let's be realistic here. So if not sales, will the hype alone of the game kill another brand? That's what we're being told here

But lets look at the other side....

Sony this year have nothing that can save them. Absolutely nothing, without a mass price cut and surprise releases of some AAA titles. But will that happen? A price cut is unlikely until atleast Christmas and the only two recognisable exclusive franchises this year is Ratchet & Clank and Unreal Tournament; for $500-$600, they simply will not be able to even sniff the tale of Microsoft let alone the Wii.

So for 2007, nothing can save them and they're as good as being ignored in all honesty. But is 2007 the crucial year that will distinguish the winners from the losers? Is 13million the magic number to declare the winning generation? Does a cheaper PlayStation with several AAA titles in 2008 mean nothing to the industry? Is it beyond Sony to use their brand appeal to be on Microsoft's heels by the end of 2008?

One thing is certain at this point of time. No one can "Yes" to this. There are alot of questions but no answer, positive or negative, is justified unless your certain aspects of the Media. I'm no fanboy but all eyes are on what Sony does in response to this in the upcoming months. BladeStar, TheMart and others - although are ecstatic with the current situation - will understand the importance of 2008 in relation to the competition. Those who announce the demise of the PlayStation 3 have no sustainable argument for it - yet that won't stop them creating an aura of negative hype around that, and positive hype around the 360.

Violater4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

you just said everything I could not be bothered to say on this site.
Contradictory to popular belief, one game title will not determine the outcome of the console war.

the_bebop4069d ago

Your both right. I know I wont be getting every game for the PS3 strait away and sony have alot of game for franchises that are yet to be released like, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet and Clank,Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and even the next Kingdom Hearts game which probably wont come out for another 4 years at least.

Meus Renaissance4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Name one other game on the 360 that is as big as Halo 3 and I will apologise to you. If not, I expect an apology from you.

And yes I agree with you, no one game can win the console war - which is the whole of the discussion I wanted.

nix4069d ago

well said!

was gonna give you a bubble but you already have enough q:

JasonPC360PS3Wii4069d ago

You normaly promote piece love and happieness and the love of all consoles, anti fanboy sh!t (even though fanboys are the root of gaming) You still not getting bubbles from me I would rather give them to a Droid (wich I do, I love hearing what they say everyday).

Foo Skeptic4069d ago

Meus, eventhough you have an icon of Halo your comments were the most wise I have ever rode on N4G, this demostrates that you are not a fan but a real player, contact me if you like my gamertag is Foo Skeptic

PS: No, I do not think a game can kill a console, I bought Hloo 3 yesterday and I am still planning to buy a PS3 on Christmas

WafflesID4069d ago

"Those who announce the demise of the PlayStation 3 have no sustainable argument for it - yet that won't stop them creating an aura of negative hype around that, and positive hype around the 360."

Maybe you should explain why you think those two issues are mutually inclusive. They seem seperate to me. People "creating" an aura of negative hype for the PS3 (and positive for the 360) are not necessarily the same people who think the PS3 is on it's death bed.

People are not creating the negative hype. Sony essentially is by releasing the system before any games were even remotely ready. Resistance and motorstorm are ok, but I would hesistate to say they are the killer apps that the PS3 needs. And you are just NOW seeing stuff that make the PS3 an interesting buy.

And last I checked, TheMART and bladestar had nothing to do with writing software for the PS3. So why you give them credit for creating this issue is beyond me.

eleaz144069d ago

Neither of Sony or MS will fall

And the fanboys that wish taht the other company fails , are retards

DOn't realize? The competition is what makes you want to get better

So if there is only one, what would be the worry for MS/Sony, we got no competition so we dont have to push to satisfy our customers...

I have a Ps3 but because of what i say, i wish that Microsoft keep its place around too

HateBoy4069d ago

Hey meus, I have to say I had gotten the wrong impression of you on the comment-section, the stuff you just said was right on spot. Intelligent person, bubbles for you.

lawman11084069d ago

There will be almost no chance the PS3 will catch the 360 (which is about to knock the Wii out) The 360 will keep selling because if the 3Red rings of death did not kill the 360 (and mine was one of them) I dont belive anything can. And before you call me an xbot I do have the ps3 I just wish it had some games.

Kleptic4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

haha lawman...

8 million shy in a race to 100 million?...after 10 think that means the 360 has won?...halo 2 sold well too back in 2004...and the Xbox still capped out at 25 million...and we all know the PS2 didn't beat the Xbox 1 by just 8 million units...

do you hear yourself talk?...I should throw a brick at you...

stee1564069d ago

You know I admit when I first saw your post and saw your halo icon I thought this was just going to be another insult post but after reading your post I was surprised.

I agree with your comments. Personally I own a ps3 but I'm not some enraged fanboy. When I saw how many people were lining up and how many people were willing to buy it I was completely caught off guard. I know halo was a pretty good game but the hype completely pushed its sales through the roof. However this definitely won't destroy the ps3, because no matter how its spun the games are coming out for the ps3 at this point it just really depends how sony handles the marketing.

This fall the ps3 is going to have tons of games out, but they are games that don't have a incredible fan machine behind since they are new titles although very promising ones from the looks of it.

Trick Nolte4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

You Sir, Are NOT lacking insight. your assesment of this console war was thorough, non biased, and alas, Informative. You gave the fanboys on both sides of the ball a bigger picture to look at from a more realistic angle. These boards could use more thought provoking post like this. Respect.

AngryHippo4068d ago

....great comment, bubbles for you

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Naruto4069d ago

sorry but one game can't destroy a console

Halo 3 is biggest game on 360

Meus Renaissance4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

That's my point. So why is the Media dismissing the console? Is it justified? Look outside box and you can understand what Im getting at.

If I thought the PS3 would die then I wouldn't have spent £600 on buying one and some games.

WafflesID4069d ago

Where is the media DISMISSING the PS3?

I see a lot of PLAYERS that are tired of not having any games to play for it, but I honestly don't see a concerted effort with the media to dismiss the ps3 entirely.

SofaKingReetodded4069d ago

how bout that G4tv TOOL Kevin Pereira saying the PS3 "is in trouble" this past spring when the console has only been out like 5 months.

btw you don't hold a candle to the real waffles.

I hate this bubble system, it lets the idiots silence the good personalities.

InMyOpinion4068d ago

If GTA IV was a platform exclusive, it could very well destroy the other platforms.

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LSDARBY4069d ago

Gears of war is a big game now for 360 and im sure the sequal will sell bucket loads. One game wont sell millions of systems, people are mad if they spend £300 just to play one game. But a range of titles will sell systems. Microsoft kind of realised this and came up with viva pinyata which didnt sell that many consoles. IMO sony off the best variety of games by far which is what sells systems to the masses. The variety isnt out there yet and wont be until atleast next chistmas, which could be too late but who knows.

TechWiz4069d ago

"The variety isnt out there yet and wont be until atleast next chistmas, which could be too late but who knows."

Just like one game wont end the war. The console war will not be decided by next year. Next year will only be Sony's 2nd birthday. The war will just be starting.

PS2 has sold over 115 million! and is still selling strong. A few years in the future most of those gamers will probably switch to the PS3 because it will play their old games. At the same time Microsoft will lower their price cheaper, and grab some die hard playstation fans.

My personal opinion is that their will be no winners are losers in this race.

lawman11084069d ago

100 million? lets see the ps3 break 10 million first ok douche?

X_GAMER_X4069d ago

I always hear about new games here and new games there.
The only thin u mentioned now is MGS and FF.
Not meny PPL like these games u know.

So bring somthing new to the table.
always braging about FF.
PPL need new games. FF its becomming old. (Shiva or Ifirit) Fire and Ice. HP and whatever.
New games is the key my friend.

Like HS or uncharted.

the_bebop4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I was only giving some examples, but I did mention Kingdom Hearts which I do think is a franchise that nobody should underestimate which I dont consider it either a Disney or Final Fantasy game which is why I consider a different franchise.

Makidian4069d ago

This article is totally biased garbage, much like the fastmoney article that posted yesterday. No game for any console will ever have the stopping power to defeat a console. Take care to read the comments after the article because they are spot on what the reality is betweeen MS and Sony. Halo is probably one of the greatest games ever but it may be Microsofts peak, and that is bad. No other game released for the 360 will have the selling power that Halo has, not Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears 2, anything really because the eisting userbase of the 360 is who will purchase those games when they come out, they won't draw millions of new users. The console war has barely begun, next year will be telling but 2009 and 2010 will shape the future of console wars.