Puzzle Fighters coming to EU PS Store in early November

The Capcom representitives told PS3fanboy that the game would be available for download on the EU PSN store in early November. The reason for the delay is, as usual, localisation issues.

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monkey6024098d ago

This is BS! Why must things like this continue to happen

Rama262854097d ago

Why do all the European countries need to be effected by 'localisation'? Why not just release it to each country as and when it's ready for that country? I know recent weekly updates have had different content depending on which country - so why not do that all the time? That way, not every European country is penalised.

riksweeney4097d ago

Is this a legal problem? Do Microsoft and Nintendo have this problem too?

Rama262854097d ago

My understanding of their term 'localisation' means that they have to translate the game for every single country in Europe. To my knowledge there is no legal issues, just the time it takes to make each thing understandable. I can't say for sure whether Microsoft and Nintendo have the same problem, but I don't think so... can anyone comment for sure?

MaximusPrime4097d ago

i got an idea. Why not combine all english-speaking countries together as one English-speaking PS Store?