Halo 3: 'Normal Ending' (major spoilers)

Halo 3 has been reviewed, Halo 3 has been played through...

For those that are not afraid for spoilers, read on and watch the ending of Halo 3. The complete video from Gamevideos is watched by Xboxkings. Only read on if you don't care about spoilers!

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TheMART3649d ago

To those reporting the video doesn't work... It does. You'll have to wait a little bit longer. If it doesn't play in IE, try Firefox maybe!

Pete_Approved3649d ago

On both browsers the player works... And I allready seen the end :P Same as my other Co-op friends who fought with me!

socomnick3649d ago

Im like 3/4 through campaign on heroic been like 15 hours so far . So much for this game being short. This game is crazy hard on heroic.

Jdash243648d ago

dude i beat the game yesterday on legendary in 7 is short, but at least it has lots of replayability

Hatchetforce3648d ago

Beating Legendary in Co-op isn't the same thing as beating it in Solo mode.

elijah5103649d ago

Maybe 2010 after the movie

o0o ROZZA o0o3649d ago

He will be back. Just not in this generation!

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