Don't Get Too Excited For Dead Island writes: This week saw the re-reveal of a long forgotten title, Dead Island. Along with it came an unprecedented amount of excitement. Heck, even Hideo Kojima gave a shout-out to Techland for their impressive, albeit CG trailer. Now, I know how much we all love the concoction of zombies and video games, but I’m going to have to quell my excitement for the time being. I strongly suggest you all do the same.

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BakedGoods2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Basically digs into meta-critic and bashes the developer.

The author forgets 'Chrome', an interesting title where the developer basically built an engine from the ground up to compete with the likes of Crysis. Sure, it was a European game (ie. got no publicity) but a modest attempt for sure.

Second, Call of Juarez may not have blown peoples minds, but it was a solid game for an unknown developer. Especially considering it was one of the few true 'wild west' games around.

Lastly, the Dead Island CG was no joke. Sure it wasn't 'gameplay' (although in-game is no slouch), but it wasn't a piss-poor attempt either. The creative and technical process to create such a video is demanding, and the fact that it has resonated so well with the gaming media proves the developer's got talent.

Personally I believe to dismiss this game because of metacritic scores is short-sighted. We won't know of it's quality until we can get some hands-on, and till then I think the media supporting an interesting title like this helps motivate indie developers like TechLand.

HebrewHammer2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

#1, is metacritic not representative of journalist and user opinions?

#2, Cant argue with that. I've never played chrome

#3, Personally, I believe to dismiss a game based on the developers lackluster history is more than justified. To place faith in them based on CG is absolutely foolish.

#4, Techland has been around since 1991. Take a guess as to why they are "unknown" in 2011. The answer is exactly why Dead Island, I feel, will greatly disappoint.

BakedGoods2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

#1 See Killzone 3 reviews. Is metacritic really important/reliable in gauging a game's value?

#3 Foolish is a strong word. However, if you would like to use such a term, I think suggesting since it's *only* CG it reveals little of their talent--is foolish.

#4 European developers have to pull off impressive feats to get noticed. I think if anything, given their age there's a chance their talent might be maturing, and the recent media exposure might motivate them to kick ass (rather than hammer out a mainstream racer like Nail'd).

HebrewHammer2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

#1, KZ3's review scores are higher than anything Techland has ever had to offer in their much longer history and portfolio.

#2, Foolish is accurate. Judging a game's success based on a rendered, non-depictive of any gameplay video. Foolish indeed.

#3, I wish I could agree with you, but motivation does NOT breed financial viability, something Deep Silver does not have. If Ubisoft was publishing, then thats a horse of a completely different color. And I gurantee you that this title was pitched to publishers like Ubisoft, but was turned down for some reason. I wonder why that could be...

RedDead2437d ago

Hebrew, you could say this about every CG trailer. Who's getting really excited for it? Cg trailers do that. Most game's are first revealed with a CG trailer which doesn't represent gameplay.

Second, guerrila games made 10 games, their first great one being K2. The rest when they had a dif name and other mediocre ones like shellshock.

Your right, don't get excited over a Cg trailer, but don't write them off on their past games. It can work both ways Square have went to shi* with consols since the Ps2, their track record should mean they are pumping out nothing but the best this gen. Just wait till gameplay before you write them off.

ReservoirDog3162437d ago

Everyone should just be cautiously optimistic. That's it. Turns out good: yay. Turns out bad: oh well. To start throwing mud at the developers is just without merit.

And #1 and 4 is understandable but you do have to realize that unless you're a big name developer, you usually don't get trusted with a huge amount of money. And even the most skilled developer is useless without a lot* of money.

Give it time and hope for the best.

BakedGoods2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

"Foolish is accurate. Judging a game's success based on a rendered, non-depictive of any gameplay video. Foolish indeed."

Who said anything about success? I said talent. I think you're making things up to prove a point--and that's *really* foolish.

See ReservoirDog316's comment above for a more clarified version of my argument.

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NaiNaiNai2436d ago

For those talking about CG, and the lack of gameplay.


Don't try and state that effort in anyway on a amazing CG trailer from a company with a bad game rep means the game will suck.

HebrewHammer2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Apologies for the double post. Accidental. :)

KRATOS-PS32437d ago

I surely won't get much excited. There are just too many other games coming to PS3 I'm going to buy.

RedDead2437d ago

Yeah and if dead island is any good then most of the Ps3 exclusives will get knocked down a level on my list. I don't want any more sequels or shooters. Free roaming Zombie Fps survival game. no one has done it before now.

KRATOS-PS32437d ago

that's ur opinion! My list won't be knocked down by this game.

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MARKUS_MAX1MUS2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Thought he made some good points but about the track record, well every dog has his day. Bungie werent exactly known at all until they made Halo, they made the marathon series but it never really "took off."

Keep an open mind, the future is never set in stone. Wait for gameplay videos though, they will reveal the game properly, this is just clever marketing and is probably designed by somebody who wants a career in the movie industry rather than the games industry but W.E! its still cool.

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