Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold card for $30 at Walmart starting February 19

XMNR: Since Microsoft raised the price of the Xbox LIVE Gold to $60 there have been a few deals that dipped down to $40. However, the biggest drop yet is happening this Saturday at Walmart.

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aviator1892490d ago

Pretty awesome deal right there if you need one.

Queasy2490d ago

Yeah, this is actually good timing for me as my Gold subscription is about to run out.

guitarded772490d ago

Yeah, I'm actually still pissed at MS for raising the price and said I wouldn't renew my gold... but for $30 I will sell out. DAMN!!!!!

awiseman2490d ago

They did raise the price, but honeslty its not really raised, you can purchase gold from on Xbox live itself for 44.99.

gamer20102490d ago

Cool. I recently ran out of my subscription so I'll be getting this.

I don't like that I have to pay for Xbox Live, but I usually get it for like $40 each year and to me it is worth it for the quality of service I get.

blumatt2490d ago

An even awesome-er deal would be FREE. That's zero dollars! There's no excuse for MS making people pay except just to do it. I could understand if all their games ran on dedicated servers, but they don't. A few of them do, but not many.

Drcherd2490d ago

yeah i wonder what microsofts response would be if we asked why they charge for features that ps3 has and more for free.

VINNIEPAZ2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


kaveti66162490d ago

"There's no excuse for MS making people pay except just to do it."

They're a for-profit company.

The reason is FOR PROFIT.

Yeah, it's gay. But don't say they don't have a reason for doing something.

Solidus187-SCMilk2490d ago

why dont you cry about it...ohh wait, you already are.

DelbertGrady2490d ago

If I could get the same quality of service as Xbox Live for free that would be great.

If you are implying PSN is of the same quality with all of it's demo installs, laggy PSN store, lack of cross game chat, non unified game logon(have to create a profile for each game), tiresome patching everytime you want to play a game (friend of mine had to wait over 2 hours before he could play Uncharted 2). Well, then you are a liar.

blumatt2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Admittedly, Xbox Live IS indeed a better service, but not $60 worth of better, or even $30 worth of better in this story's case. lol

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fr0sty2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I bet that was the scam all along. "George, we're seeing a decline in new XBL memberships... how can we make people think this is worth more money?" ... "Well Bill, we could jack the price up without adding anything new, and then make then think they're getting a deal when they pay a few bucks less than they were paying originally."

PSN's approach:

"Well, we need a way to get money out of them. What do we do? Make them pay for online?" ... "F - that. Give them free games/avatars/themes and discounts on other games/etc, as well as beta access, exclusive system firmware features, and early demos".

The public's reaction:

"PSN is teh ghey, XBL foreverz!"

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slavish32490d ago

i may get this, but if they can sell it for this price and make a profit it kind of shows how greedy M$ is.

Queasy2490d ago

Depends on whether or not they are making a profit. Loss leaders are pretty common at Wally World.

B1663r2490d ago

It could be the whole drug dealer model... First one is free.

Kon2490d ago

An article of something MS related w/o comments saying how greedy MS is isn't normal.

slavish32489d ago

they are not selling at a loss. I work for sears holdings and everytime we do sells of like 20 to 30 % off we still make profits because mark ups are already so high. So yes it is greed

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Wenis2490d ago

Or you can get a PlayStation Network Infinite Month card for only $0!

i had to say it.

Urrakia342490d ago

LMAO! bubbles for writing the funniest comment i've seen today:)

Kon2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You don't see many comments, i think

Urrakia342490d ago

@Kon- Well I damn sure see enough of YOUR comments:)

gamer20102490d ago

I already got one of those.

Solidus187-SCMilk2490d ago

OR you could already have psn, and buy this still because you would rather use XBOX LIVE then PSN whenever possible, like me.

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