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New The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details

Check out a ton of new details about Elder Scrolls V. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

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FlyWestbrook  +   1238d ago
My body is ready for this game.
pangitkqb  +   1237d ago
Good details revealed in this piece. I'm more excited for Skyrim than ever!
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1237d ago
Sweet sweet baby jesus this game is just sounding amazing so far
M3t4lSn4k3  +   1238d ago
this is the most wanted game for me!!
renegade  +   1238d ago
I really like Elder Scrolls series can't wait for this!
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kramun  +   1238d ago
Playing through Morrowind again for the first time in about 5 years. It's the goty edition and it looked a bit crap when I first installed it. But now I've got got a few mods going with it looks pretty decent, especially considering it's nearly 10 years old.

A testament to the skills of the modders, but also Bethesda considering they made the game capable of you doing so much to it.

That's what I love about Elder Scrolls games, they can stand the test of time. With a little help along the way.
OdinFallen  +   1238d ago
Finally some details that aren't the same reiterated pictures and such. Can't wait for this one, I still remember booting up Morrowind and Oblivion for the first time. Brings me back.
Dee_Cazo  +   1238d ago
Contrary to the nutcases who rage when anybody suggests change to the RPG's they play in dimly lit basements away from the world.

I think a 2-4 player co-op or sidekick system would be fun. Oblivion was incredibly massive I would really appreciate the option to adventure with a friend or two especially with the information from this article.
mantasis  +   1238d ago
Borderlands my friend, which was stripped down in many ways so that the multiplayer experience worked properly. With a game like Elder Scrolls, this is difficult as the narrative would have to change to accommodate multiple player interactions.

I agree though, I'd love to see a sidekick system, as in a buddy that's just a long for the ride and doesn't interact other than quest based (vs. story based) objectives.
Lamarthedancer  +   1238d ago
because these "nutcases" know what there talking about as Mantasis has said Borderlands was moulded in a way so the multiplayer would work properly. You have Two Worlds II which is an RPG co-op adventure...not the best game but apprently when played with friends it's much more entertaining and you also have Fable 2/3 which has a co-op drop in and out system.

Point is Elder Scrolls dosen't need co-op or multiplayer. It's being built in a way so it will be an amazing Single player experience......anyway people would get bored of the co-op after 2-3 weeks and go back on COD or Halo leaving the solo players with a not so good single player mode.
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PeeWizzle  +   1238d ago
Keep that fucking co-op shit out.
Xof  +   1238d ago
‘Magnetism’ is used to prevent friendly fire in combat, by slightly ‘pulling’ your attacks towards enemies
Generally speaking, I think it's an awful idea to give any weapon homing abilities if it doesn't realistically do so. Anyone else remember the "bendy" lasers in Mechassault? Ulgh. This sounds just stupid. Terribly, terribly stupid.

- Some, apparently unique, enchanted weapons will have “concealed” effects. You won’t know what those are until you try the weapon.
This is a good idea. I'd take it a step further, though, and say that ALL enchanted weapons should have completely unknown characterstics, which you can find out by using them in battle. (And then having those characteristics show up in the menu stats). Excepting player-enchanted weapons, of course.

- Taverns will play a large role in the game. You will be able to overhear people’s conversations, start quests, acquire information, and much more.
Just like every generic High Fantasy RPG ever made, right? Ulgh. Way to think outside the box. Why not just make Town Halls, or central markets, or public forums (ala the Romans)?

- They mention breaking and entering to find out more about people – “Because of the open world set up you can even progress by snooping around – following people, looking out for strange behaviour and even some light breaking and entering”.
They said this exact same thing about Morrowwind before its release. And Oblivion. And Fallout 3.

- One of the finishing moves involves “plunging your sword into your enemy’s chest”, coupled with gurgling death noises.
More than the bare minimum of combat animations? Color me... less unenthused. Hopefully Bethesda has hired some new animators.

- The ‘free-form’ activities you can perform include cooking, woodcutting, mining and metalwork.
Minutiae! Because everyone loved doing that crap in Fable II!

- A Dragon Shout that slows down time (a la Bullet Time) is mentioned.
VATS? So as much as Fallout 3 was Oblivion with Guns, Skyrim is Fallout 3 with VATs? And heat-seeking arrows?

- There’s a city called Riverwood. It is described as ‘A smattering of timber buildings, including a sawmill’.
Nice to see they're putting more effort into the art design. I may criticize the hell out of Bethesda for making awful RPGs, but they really do know how to craft interesting worlds to explore. Sounds like they're really going all-out this time.
Xof  +   1238d ago
- The game apparently looks amazing in motion, with great environment effects such as the wind making the water swirl and making waves.
But what about character and monster animation? Those are typically awful in Bethesda games. Personally, I'm more keen on magic. Most RPGs these days have awful magic effects (Dragon Age leaps to mind here). I'd llike to see some impressive magic VFX for once.

- It is possible to raise all skills to 100 but not possible to get all perks.
It is Bethesda after all. I imagine we'll also be able to play a game that never ends, and simultaneously be both the best and worst person ever.

- Dragon encounters aren’t scripted. If one comes across a town in its travels, it might decide to attack it without warning. This may or may not involve setting it ablaze.
Sounds cool... but I have a feeling these attacks won't really effect anything. I.e. you won't have to fight the dragon if you don't feel like it, no NPCs will die, and no permanent damage will occur. In the past, Bethesda's gaming philosophy has revolved around giving players total freedom from any consequences.

- Magazine talks about the improvement of NPC’s and Radiant AI.
Heard this one before, too.

- The glorious return of the Dwemer ruins is once again confirmed.
They were glorious? Never really cared for 'em in Morrowwind: art design seemed too out-of-place.

- Archers can ‘hold their breath’ while aiming. This consumes stamina, but gives the archer a better chance of hitting the enemy.
This is the thing they stole from some Oblivion modder without giving credit, right?

- You can cut dialogue short by walking away from the NPC.
That's an archaic mechanic. An interrupt system ala ME2 would have been better.

- Not every NPC will have a complete set of dialogue like in Oblivion. It’ll be more like in Fallout 3, where only the ‘important’ NPC’s have anything substantial to say.
A good idea. Here's hoping, however, there are enough NPCs and quests out there that the world doesn't feel as underpopulated as Fallout 3/NV did.

- The game has 120 unique dungeons, worked on by 8 designers.
I hope they have a lot more variety than in previous Bethesda caves. Seeing the same old Ruins/Caves/Subway tunnels all the time was boring as hell. I hope they remember how phenomenally awesome that one dungeon was in Oblivion, when you were "inside" an oil painting. That was fantastic. Easily one of the best moments I've ever had in a game.
snipes101  +   1237d ago
So wait, you're criticizing "...the hell out of Bethesda for making awful RPG's.." but then cite an example of an exceptional gaming experience (the oil painting) that you had while playing Oblivion? Do you like Bethsdas RPGs or hate them? You're going in two separate directions with your post.
Xof  +   1237d ago

That's not a contradiction. That one, small part of the game was very well made. The rest of the game, however, flew off in the opposite direction. It's important to realize that even the most mediocre of games can occasionally have something of merit hidden within.
Zinc  +   1237d ago
No game is perfect, but none of The Elder Scrolls games have been mediocre... and that includes Battlespire and Redguard. I played every one of them since the beginning and though they have changed with the times and to suit changing development philosophies, they have always been cherished experiences.
Squadron40Dive  +   1238d ago
I cant wait for this game, but 120 unique dungeons? why not more!
Serinous  +   1237d ago
i love TES games...

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