Medal of Honor Sequel by Danger Close in Development?

Apparently, Medal of Honor by Danger Close did a lot better than a lot of us might have expected. They must have crossed the three million mark they were shooting for to release a sequel, because it's now in development!

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AmigoSniped2468d ago

I hope it improves some of the problems with the latest one. It was interesting.

DelbertGrady2467d ago

The SP was ok and the MP could have been great if it wasn't so unbalanced. Sniper city all over.

2467d ago
TheStonedSheep2468d ago

I'm glad, actually enjoyed the first game and hopefully they'll add more great stuff to the second.

JATOSIN2468d ago

Damn a sequel I have not even finished the first one.

KRATOS-PS32467d ago

Doom Clone!? Is that meant to be funny?!

Chapulin2467d ago

More support for online pls. More maps and weapons.

maxcavsm2467d ago

Absolutely. I was so disappointed playing halfway to platinum on PS3 and then not being able to find a multiplayer match for the type I needed a month from the games release.

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The story is too old to be commented.