Modern Warfare 3: Return of Ghost rumour strengthened by OPM

The UK Official PlayStation Magazine has lent credence to speculation that Modern Warfare 3 will be a prequel starring fan favourite character Ghost.

The mag's informants strengthen a rumour which first reared its head online early in January.

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M3talSnak32470d ago

what lol ? so this is going to be a prequel or sumthing?

Black-Helghast2470d ago

Probably a prequel cuz i saw ghost die...I saw it with my owns eyes. ;O;

Redman222470d ago

Do they have no respect for the dead? I see Bobby's diggin' up poor old Ghost for one last walk around the block.

Bobby: Make me mah money bitch!
Ghost: You can count on me daddy I'm ur bottom bitch.

TheLastGuardian2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Watch Activision release this CoD around It's normal schedule. Probably 11/11/11. Haha, 11 days after Uncharted 3. Everybody who has to choose between the 2 better make the right decision and buy Uncharted 3 and stop supporting CoD. I would be so happy for the games industry if Uncharted 3 outsold MW3 this year.

Soldierone2469d ago

To be honest it didnt make sense killing off their most markatable character in the game....

SephireX2469d ago

Lol so true. Seriously though, MW3 better improve the franchise because as far as I can see, it has been going downhill since CoD4.

nnotdead2469d ago

sorry Last but i have to disagree. even though i will be picking up UC3, people can chosse how they want to spend their own money. it really doesn't affect me.

Xilef2463d ago

I doubt it'll be 11/11/11 because that is when Skyrim comes out

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BiggCMan2470d ago

How about you guys read the article you know? It clearly answers your question right in the first sentence. Its even in the description right above your comments. Come on now, use common sense.

TOO PAWNED2469d ago


Didn't you hear? IT'S HARD TO READ for todays kids. Everything is digital and video bra

xAlmostPro2469d ago

Meh if they're doing a prequel they should drop the 3 and call it Modern Warfare: _____

I hope they go back to cod4's gameplay but ditch juggernaught/stopping power/martyrdom and give it dedicated servers on all platforms i'd be very happy with that.

Although im still sticking to my decision and that is to ignore the hype and let the game release a month or 2 before i even decide to get the game.

TXIDarkAvenger2469d ago

Stopping power isn't bad, is it?
Overall, death streaks need to go. And dedicated servers hell yea! lol but even with that I still feel like this game would die out shortly.

awesomeperson2469d ago

I liked stopping power better, while it helped noobs be able to get kills better, more experiences players could drop it in favour of a more tactical perk- like UAV Jammer (or Cold Blooded in MW2) and still be able to take down opponents easily.

zootang2470d ago

Not the same without Infinity Ward though is it?

rogimusprime2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Man...they did Ghost WRONG in MW2. Roach too. Was it really necessary to shoot and burn them? Why not just detain them and say " don't tell anybody about this or youre dead?"

awesomeperson2469d ago

But the dramatic scene showing that you shouldn't smoke was a total necessity for MW2!!!

Really I think IW were trying to invoke your hate for Shepard.

xAlmostPro2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Infinity ward are still doing it.. whats left of them anyway. Along with sledgehammer games.

NiKK_4192469d ago

yea, but infinity ward isn't the same anymore, only the name is the same

Elven62469d ago

^^^Just under 50 people left during the Respawn controversy, Infinity Ward had over 100 employees before that. Most of the original team would still be at the company then.

NiKK_4192469d ago

yes, but nobody that actually directed anything is still there, everyone that actually mattered in art direction are gone

Soldierone2469d ago

As long as its not Treyarch and PS3 gamers dont get screwed

Urrakia342470d ago

So is it gonna be a true sequel or just a spinoff?

AssassinHD2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

It would have to be a prequel. Ghost is dead. I am not talking about the "sniper missed a vital organ and never confirmed the kill" kind of dead. I am talking about the "he was shot at point blank range, doused in gasoline, and burned" kind of dead.

Rocket Sauce2469d ago

Well, why not bring him back as an actual ghost? Make it even wackier than the last half of Black Ops.

Xilef2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

But the most important question is still: Are Gaz and Ghost the same person? Did he pull a Kill bill and survive?

BattleAxe2469d ago

I can't figure out why they would make a prequil when they haven't even finished the main story yet. We don't even know what happens to Captain Price and Soap.

xAlmostPro2469d ago


It's a prequel and it says so.

Ace_19752470d ago

You can trash talk the COD series as much as you like, but at least it has interesting characters, unlike other FPS such as Killzone or Bad Company.

sickbird2470d ago

ive played through every cod campaign, there is nothing memorable or interesting about any of the characters.

theonlylolking2470d ago

Everyone who has played at least 2 levels of KZ2 or KZ1 knows who rico is. Also Bad company has very memorable characters.

Cpt.Price has the epic beard. Ghost is cool.

gamingdroid2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Rico? Those characters in KZ2 is remembered as Europeans trying to sound American... result, not good! Too many cliches and swearing in odd places.

For CoD, I really don't think most people care about the main characters other than Ghost which is dead beyond resurrection. Didn't they make a comic starring Ghost though?

I'm pretty sure Ghost is the most remembered character in MW2. However, I will never forget the awesomeness of Ghillies in the Mist mission with Cpt. Price!

BiggCMan2470d ago

Thats opinion man. I happen to like the characters in Both of those games, and dislike the characters in Call of Duty. Radec, Visari, Rico, and Natko are all great characters in Killzone. I also like the Sergeant, and SweetWater in Bad Company. Can you explain how the characters in Call of Duty are interesting to you? I'm just curious.

Urrakia342470d ago

Ironically, the only characters I can remember from COD are Makarov and Ghost

awiseman2470d ago

BF:BC2 has very memorable characters

KZ..not so much

GodofSackboy2469d ago

You're blatantly just saying that cuz you hate PS3. I see you trollin' the PS3 all the time. I played through BFBC2 and I can't remember one character. Literally. All I remember is finding a nuke in a ship in the desert.

At least with Killzone, you remember
1) The Helghast
2) Rico

awesomeperson2469d ago

I remember Sev of course from KZ along with Templar, Rico and the Helghast. Maybe thats just me but I'm sure some others could agree with me- even if it is only Rico.... That son of a bitch.

Jneal72470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Have you ever even played Bad Company? Those characters are so much better than COD characters. They're also very funny, which is kind of rare for FPS protagonists.

Rocket Sauce2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Did Ghost even have one single line in MW2?

These games are fun, but I'm constantly asking myself, "Who the hell am I playing as now?"

RevXM2469d ago


Oh shut the hell up Im sure Jackson fires that thing of soon...

(2 minutes later... dead tired of all the javelin bitching.)

Oh wait Im Jackson!

bluwulf2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

LOL COD characters are terrible.

Black ops, I have no clue what the hell the flashback of the flashback for the flashback due to the next flashback is.. and how the hell does this russian guy keep getting thousands to die for him?! "FOR RUSSIA!" He gets you to do everything...

Its toooooo much convolution. And if the guy knows everything about me, and corrects all my memories that I wrongly remember, doesn't he know all the answers? MW2 was cool. But the rest have fallen way short of that original filmic experience.

It just throws out another situation to kill an army by yourself.

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M3talSnak32470d ago

sledgehammer games making this? i fought they were rumoured to be making a sci-fi cod game?