Will Wright Says Games Are "Not The Right Medium to Tell Stories"

Will Wright wants to tell stories.

The video game legend, who created "The Sims" and "SimCity," would surely have had no trouble selling his new idea to Electronic Arts or any competing game publisher.

Instead, Wright shopped his project, called "Bar Karma," to television studios.

"Games are not the right medium to tell stories," Wright said in a recent interview. "Video games are more about story possibilities."

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Brian52472466d ago

He's absolutely right. A story can only be told when dictated to or read by someone -- not if that someone is actively involved in its outcome. Also, the fact that most games are 10+ hours long makes for lousy story coherency.

mandf2466d ago

He's wrong and you are wrong. This must be your first generation of games. In the past the best games had the best stories. Games were more linear to tell a better story. Games of today are mostly about killing. They center on visual impact. People think because it doesn't have multiplayer it sucks. My favorite games have the best stories not about infinite possibilities or open world game filler.

LiquifiedArt2466d ago

I remember as a youth the only games i'd keep (and not trade in) were games with great stories.

Mainly all the RPGS.

mandf2466d ago

what you say is very true. Today we trade story for violence or game filler for substance.

Primal Rex2465d ago

Beg to differ Mass effect 2 anyone !!!