Conflicting messages over 'PlayStation Phone' - Is it coming Christmas '08?

Following comments made in August by Sony Ericsson's Peter Ahnegard that the company is looking at a PlayStation-branded mobile phone, Mobile Today now reports that senior marketing manager, Richard Dorman, is doing a bit of a backtracking exercise.

Esato has just restarted rumours from earlier in the month that a 'gaming phone' is coming early next year - as soon as February, in fact.

Ahnegard said last month that the PS phone was coming 'before Christmas… But exactly which Christmas I can't confirm.' So you could argue that Dorman and Ahnegard have left the door open for a Christmas 2008 PlayStation phone launch in Europe… Interesting stuff.

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Bolts4097d ago

If I recall there used to be a so called "gaming phone" prior to this, it died a lonely a death. Because phones are too small the controls always suck and because the controls sucks, the games also sucks.

Captain Tuttle4097d ago

From Sony? Nah, I don't believe it. ;-)

eleaz144097d ago

Sony is slowly taking part in every area of the electronic world

Im sure that in the future there will be Sony's Cars, shoes, clothes, planes, watch, etc.

But one advise, i hope they dont concentrate on games or the nokia Ngage
will have to make another vacant in his grave