Sony launches movies on a stick for PSP

Sony is introducing two Memory Stick entertainment packs for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system later this month.

The new capacity Entertainment Packs will feature a 2GB or 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and will come with a launcher DVD loaded with four movies from Sony Pictures.

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Irving4098d ago

Are we seeing the end of UMD in movie business?? Had to happen sooner or later...

Tsalagi4098d ago

LOL, Jeff Dunham is hilarious. Anyway, This is a good idea to get people who don't know how to rip their own movies to their PSP interested in the PSP download service thats coming out eventually.

MrTangent4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Sony, here's what you do:

1. UMD is for games only henceforth.

2. Get your online game/movies/music service going. Make sure that it is accessible by PS3's online store AND on some sort of web page (i.e. like your Connect service was).

3. Allow users to navigate via their PSP's Wifi on the new Sony store I mentioned either via a hotspot, home wireless network or via a PS3 and download games/audio/movies directly to memory stick.

4. Once you buy the music/movie/game it's tied to your Playstation store account and gets put on your PS3 (if you have one) and PSP (if you have one) simultaneously, so you can sync your music, and listen to it anywhere. I would model this after iTunes/iPod.

If you don't do these soon, then iTunes and Xbox Live will continue to eat your lunch.

The writings on the wall. UMD for movies is dead. Even with the video output it's a dead, dead, dead format. Digital downloads is the future. Just make sure you don't completely cripple it with bad DRM and also use high bitrate video/audio and you're good to go.

I believe in you Sony, now don't let me down. :P

PS360WII4098d ago

The 2GB and 4GB Memory Stick Entertainment Packs will be available for about $55 and $90 respectively.

Still way to much for it to be popular

Mikey_Gee4098d ago

I'd love to buy the 8 GB stick for my PSP. Between that and my 4 GB I would be MORE THAN HAPPY .. BUT ... to ask $200 CDN for the 8 GB is retarded.