Sony PlayStations used in Astrophysics Research.

Dr. Gaurav Khanna and Mr. Glenn Volkema, From University of Massachusetts Dartmouth have built a small supercomputer using eight (8) Sony PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.

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ATLRoAcH3676d ago

Sony donates PS3s to see what black holes suck?

Bebedora3676d ago

Well, nothing can suck harder than a black hole. I predict next stargate will be powered by some PS7s in 2056.

progx3675d ago

Tiss called the FARGATE! lol

*I wonder how many ppl will get it*

Jeebus3675d ago

And look, those are not the powerpuff girls, they have mohawks and veelchairs.

anh_duong3675d ago

apparently it is being used to study uranus

marison3675d ago

besides play Resistance, Motorstorm, and Blu-ray moves...

I think that [email protected] (maybe, something like that) application is the better of all!

Saint Sony3675d ago

I bet they do research why PS3 failed.

Bebedora3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Why your personal xbox sucks harder than a black hole, overheating and causing problems from greenhouse gases look like a fart from an ant.

If you're not an xb360 owner it probably RROD:ed and you bought a gameboy instead.
Oh...I can do an ignore here too. Just felt saying it.

r10003675d ago

"PS3 Died sept 25" LOL how closed minded are you.... give it couple weeks, you'll have to change your avatar, because no one will even remember....

LOL... teenagers, you guys crack me up....

popup3675d ago

The game is out! Halo 3 is here! PS3 is dead!, why are you even here posting on a PS3 news article when you clearly have no reason to be interested in it given the circumstances and your avatar. I feel sorry for you for some reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.