Bizarre Creations says Goodbye with a 'Farewell Video' 1994 - 2011

Bizarre Creations, the Developer behind the PGR Series, Geometry Wars and Blur, says Goodbye with a wondeful Farewell Video. - 1994 - 2011 -

.:: All the best for you ::.

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Ghoul2591d ago

Damn shame, another great studio left the scene.

all the best to the devs, great time good games.

tehpees32591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

WTF is wrong with Activision? They milk something into the ground and then when the series/company outlives its usefulness its over.

How about going to other games and creating new IPs. Put COD down for a while. True crime would have been awesome. And now they shoot Bizarre in the face.

Seriously this is all going haywire this year. So many set backs. Hope Mirrors edge 2 ends up fine EA.

SwampCroc2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )


Perjoss2591d ago

its probably for the best, hear me out,

these devs will likely be snapped up into smaller teams where they can work on fun projects and have better working conditions, im sure working in a team under craptivision can't be pleasant, super tight deadlines and having to work crazy hours etc.

sometimes when things sound bad they actually turn out quite good in the end.

MeanOldman2591d ago

tht james bond game had the worst drivin ever dude. horrible ai. some of the levels was just last stand flood the map crap.

craigs bond is known for goin off the grid and doing his own thing. yet activision bond games and this includes the one from bizzare, have some dude chattin at you all the time and he can see cameras on a wall in a room you are in. ruined the game an made it nothing like the movies.

the fact is they dug their own hole.

SwampCroc2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

"the fact is they dug their own hole"


first off, they didn't decide to create a James Bond game during probably one of the worst times to be James Bond.... in saying that I mean Bond is nothing of the figure that he used to be..

no one wants to be Daniel Craig....

and that isn't Bizarre Creations fault... they made a game for Activision based on a franchise that is almost always doomed on the Video Game level except (Goldeneye)...

not even the Bond movies of today can live up to the Bond movies of yesterday....

if anything... Activision... told them to make a Bond game in a very unreasonable amount of time... and that is why it failed... you just can't snap your fingers and make Bond fans happy!!

and to be personally honest... the James Bond franchise is at a stand still.. so once again there is nothing a developer could do with this lackluster series.

Sitris2591d ago

I totally disagree, Daniel Craig is my second favorite bond, and you would find it difficult to find a bigger James bond fan than me. You should see my room lol

And the bond games have had some very fun games over the years, I had heaps of fun with night fire.

As much as it sucks to see these devs go belly up, they did make a crappy game with bond, sure the license may have been tossed on them, but some things were wrong with that game in execution, not in refinement and polish. The game was poorly made full stop.

Also saying that though, they have made some amazing games over the years, blur being a personal favorite.

SwampCroc2591d ago

I suppose, I can understand that... But I honestly can't pin it on Bizarre... I mean... yeah Bond isn't directly up their alley.. but if they had the time they would have got it done...

there wasn't even a Bond movie... so what's the push for the game??? Money... it's the only incentive.... Activision knew Bond would sell... so they tried to cash in...

and I'm glad you like James Bond... but Daniel Craig... isn't the way to go... you're getting way too caught up with the glamour of the world.. I mean Bond was great... A classic... but that's not what people want to see anymore..

they want fresh ideas, new characters, new storys... bigger thrills... James Bond can only do so much... after awhile everything bites the dust.... Especially, in the video game industry...

So, I'm just going to offer that you sit back and think a little about your fond attachment to Mr. Bond... it's time to think about life and the impending future... Because the world is falling to shit.

Basically, don't emulate Bond... Become Bond!!

MeanOldman2591d ago

you must be on drugs jay. james bond is more popular than evr and daniel craig is one of the main reasons. i grew up watching connery but daniel craig has a grit to him others lack. you act like a james bond game woulda doomed any studio when the opposite is true. a great bond game would make any studio.

bizzare made a linear formula game with a half ass engine. the driving weas horrible. did you play it. remeber this is bizarre and the drivin sucked bad. bad bad ai on a rail. and this is true for the foot sections too. the game was made for a 5 year old. shoot this glowing area on the crane bond. tons of spawn triggers. even the boat section, that looked okay was marred by the grade school shooting mechanics.

this isnt built into bond. this was design decisions. bond has ever thing you need for a great game. built in name recognistion. thas huge. bond can drive cars drive motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, he can fight, shoot the greatest weapons, ski, scuba dive, freefall, mountaineer, do action, stealth, undercover ops, gadgets (though they should be the point of the mission) you name it and bond is a expert at it or willing to bluff his way through. bizzarre like too many companies got a gift ip on a platter an they blew it. the ip is at a standstill cause ever one makes the same game. still thas no excuse for the crappy ai an the really bad driving.

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Sarcasm2591d ago

Activision is to blame, or at least Robert Kotick.

They did it with Tony Hawk, then Guitar Hero, and now COD. They're going to keep milking their main franchises and close everything else that isn't a cash cow to them. Forget about innovation and good games, it's all about money at Activision.

Perjoss2591d ago

dont worry, they cannot keep it up forever, everything ends, even really crappy things.

Forbidden_Darkness2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Yeah. Once Activision loses COD, they will be done for.

HolyOrangeCows2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

17 years of games and they only show games from the last 5-ish years?

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kataloni102591d ago ShowReplies(2)
TOO PAWNED2591d ago

boring, I made it 1 min in

TOO PAWNED2591d ago

yeah 28 too young. I bet you are 12

Ingram2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Too ignorant then, which is worse, I bet you started playing games with PS2/Xbox.

You can't even write Pwned, which is a deformed meme for Owned, prick.

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