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PS3 Hackers vs Sony, The Common Misconceptions

A brief article outlining the common misconceptions behind recent discoveries and events surrounding the PlayStation network. (PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

MWong  +   1626d ago
Very interesting read and cleared up a few bits of information put out in the last few days. I had a hard time believing the 3rd parties banning other users article.
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happyface  +   1626d ago
I hacked my ps3 but I haven't tried any of the hacks like the 3rd party control one so I dont know if they're bs or not

most hackers dont want to mess with other ps3 users, they just want free games!
ActionBastard  +   1626d ago
Sure you did ;)
KingDustero  +   1626d ago
I posted the day the article came out that all of it was BS. The hackers were just trying to scare people. There was no proof in the article at all and it was just all theory.

A good amount of people are too gullible these days. I can't blame them though. Almost anything can be possible in theory now of days. It just doesn't mean it is right now.
Gothdom  +   1626d ago
Everyone needs to read this.
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1626d ago
Very informative
thank god about the banning legitimate users bit,i was afraid this'll have a very bad effect on Sony
Let hackers ban themselves
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Christopher  +   1626d ago
Kind of a very basic overview and doesn't even go into mentioning that Sony has IDS/IPS implemented to detect "spoofed" data, which is a huge hurdle for anyone to overcome when trying to bypass PSN security.

It does address the important fact that while people say they can do something in theory, it doesn't mean they have the necessary information to do as such. In this case, they still haven't broken the security protocols that Sony utilizes.

Furthermore, the strange thing here is that hackers are claiming this as something they can do with the PS3, yet the exact same thing could be said of Xbox 360 bans. The way that they ban consoles are exactly the same in theory, meaning it's on the end of the network that allows you to connect online. If this was something so easy to do, we would have already have seen this happen on the 360.

Essentially, this is just idiot hackers - I really wouldn't call them that in the first place - trying to put more bad press on the PS3. Hackers hate what Sony is doing, which is fighting them for modifying Sony IP and preventing the installation of illegal software, and we've seen more worthless news on "Hackers ruin the lives of everyone who doesn't hack on the PS3" just to keep drumming up bad press for the PS3 and make it seem like you should never log onto the PSN again.

It's childish, IMHO.
forcefullpower  +   1626d ago
You are quite right the people that are screaming from the roof tops about what sony is doing is not the Modders than want to run Homebrew but the people that want to pirate games and play them online.

As most modders stay on 3.41 to run there homebrew. Why do you think you have not seen a 3.56 yet. Homebrewers have no interst in using the latest firmware.
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beavis4play  +   1626d ago
you seem quite reasonable in your post - so, i have an honest question for you - why would someone interested in homebrew buy a ps3 to run it? it's very accessible to run homebrew on a pc - so, why are these legit modders so hellbent on using the ps3 for it?
madpuppy  +   1626d ago
@beavis4play, I think that the ability to have access to the Cell processor at a bargain price is one of the main reasons that Modders and organizations purchased the PS3. The ability to learn about the cell and, for the Navy, to create a cell Beowulf cluster supercomputer on the cheap.
Biggest  +   1626d ago
I don't think that the Navy needs to hack their PS3s to make them run as clusters. So it still doesn't explain why a hacker would need it.
Christopher  +   1626d ago
Re: Navy

They don't care about FW or anything PSN related. They've never updated their PS3s beyond what they originally received. They run OtherOS in a cluster farm environment.

This is the same for other supercomputing processes with the PS3.

The #1 use of PS3 in a cluster farm is for the extremely high level and fast processing of video/audio data. They're able to record a stream of video/audio data in real time, process various algorithms -- such as thermal image analysis and building/environment shape analysis -- against it, and then store the data for use later on (or in real time).
madpuppy  +   1625d ago
So, I got disagrees because I said the Navy uses PS3's as a supercomputer cluster?


And I am really getting sick and tired of people using the word "hacker" like it is a bad thing.

It really shows how stupid the media is and how easily they can demonize a word they mis-defined.

A hacker is a computer programmer...thats it, nothing more and nothing less.

the proper word for a bad guy hacker is a "cracker"...sheesh, doesn't anybody want to use the right word rather than being as ignorant as
Uwe Boll as well as other pathetic movie directors and writers that lack a clue!?!?
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Mahr  +   1625d ago
"As most modders stay on 3.41 to run there homebrew."

Untrue. Most people in the modding community are on 3.55.

"Why do you think you have not seen a 3.56 yet. Homebrewers have no interst in using the latest firmware."

Again, untrue. We have seen 3.56 custom firmware. Unfortunately, unlike 3.55 firmware, there is currently no way to toggle between custom and official firmware at will, so installing it on the PS3 is a point-of-no-return move. It'll take time for a stable release to come about, if ever.

"why would someone interested in homebrew buy a ps3 to run it?"

No one buys a PS3 to run Homebrew; they put Homebrew on the PS3 because it vastly increases the system's functionality.

"it's very accessible to run homebrew on a pc"

Let me give you an example: PS3 Homebrew very greatly expands the range of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games -- legitimate, legally-purchased copies of them -- that I can play on a PS3.

"so, why are these legit modders so hellbent on using the ps3 for it?"

Because although we theoretically *could* use a PC to run those same games, the copies of them would certainly *not* fall into the category of 'legitimate and legally-obtained'.

That is therefore a suboptimal alternative.
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beavis4play  +   1625d ago
madpuppy - no hostility intended - but where i come from - a computer programmer is a computer programmer........and nothing more.

as far as the word "hacker" and what it connotes? ask 1000 people on the street- and hackers won't come off in a favorable light.
also - how you can propose such an outlandish story as to why people "hack" the ps3 is beyond me.
madpuppy  +   1625d ago
beavis4play, just because you have decided to smugly step in line with the ignorance of Hollywood and News media does't lessen the value of my statements.
Big Media has created this disconnect with the true definition of the word "hacker", just because you never heard the word in a good light makes you either not very understanding of early and present "Computer programmer" subcultures or just too young to have ever heard the word in it's proper good light.


A hacker can be anyone who truly enjoys programming, for example people like Steve Wozniak and Bill gates are and were hackers.

matter of fact the creation of the Web can be attributed to hackers, as well a the free software movement. The large community of enthusiast programmers that have created Linux and the many free and OSS software that people use today.

as for the PS3 statements, people who like to tinker with their PS3 have that right, the only time that it is not right is when it is done with the intention to access unauthorized networks (PSN,XBL) or to be able to play copyrighted software illegally. other than that
you and I have the right to buy a PS3 and take it apart, smash it to pieces or cannibalize the parts to make something else.

Personally, I have no interest in doing any of those things, but, when the PS4 eventually comes out I would Love to convert one of my PS3's into a media center PC. I have no desire to pirate or Illegally download games but, I would like to extend it's use to a true media PC and Bluray player when I am done gaming with it.
Christopher  +   1625d ago
***Let me give you an example: PS3 Homebrew very greatly expands the range of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games -- legitimate, legally-purchased copies of them -- that I can play on a PS3. ***

The problem is that those emulators are the exact same ones running on PCs, which aren't legal as it is. They're not just software emulators that allow you to pop in a PS2 game disc and play it on any PS3.
Mahr  +   1625d ago
"The problem is that those emulators are the exact same ones running on PCs"

I am not referring to emulators; even with Homebrew, something like PCSX2 is never going to run on a console.

I am referring to the PS3's basic backwards compatibility and game playing functions -- which you or anyone else can do *already*, albeit with rather unnecessary limitations (region locks, lack of English language settings, et cetera).

"They're not just software emulators that allow you to pop in a PS2 game disc and play it on any PS3"

Well, obviously. PS2 BC is only available on fats. In that regard, slims are a lost cause no matter what. Of course, there are still those obnoxious PS1 and PS3 restrictions that are present no matter which model one owns.

For instance, on an unmodded slim or fat, I would not be able to take a legitimate, legally-imported copy of Tales of Vesperia PS3 and patch it with a fan translation so that I can understand the story as I play it. This is not civilized.
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Da One  +   1626d ago
very informative must read for all
crinale  +   1626d ago
B b but teh url has "Sony" in it so teh website must be bribed by Sony!

Nivalis  +   1626d ago
It's just a subdomain, when they have xbox 360 news it's microsoft.nyleveia.com
Eamon  +   1626d ago
Why are you trying to troll? Nobody is complaining yet and this just sparks it. It's like you are looking for trouble.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   1626d ago
Hackers are retards! Plain and simple, let's put it this way, do you think they (Hackers) have the money to go against SONY?!?! I don't think so. SONY FTW!!!

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