3DS photos - eShop, AR Games, and more

New images of the 3DS' shopping "channel", Augmented Reality Games, and more.

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FlyWestbrook2591d ago

I gotta say the AR stuff looks fun.

DeliciousAfterBirth2590d ago

THE 3ds camera games would look great in my playboy magazine riddled floor. For example a bullseye or dragon would pop out of Miss March's snatch. hehe

SkylineR2590d ago

We got to try the 3DS for a work thing where Nintendo had it for hands on this week, and yes the AR games are fun. Quirky but fun.
We also got to try Zelda, Pilotwings Resort, SSF IV and a few others. Very cool 3D effects on all games. :)

Kon_Artist 2590d ago

im ganna buy this and whole bunch of Pokemon games :)

TheStee2590d ago

Nintendo do not like this article. I work in a store that has one for display and they are getting mad about people uploading all this stuff lol

They didn't actually specify not to before hand though, so really it's their fault.