So Valve, Remember Episode 3? | Mad Overdose writes: Ok Valve, enough is enough. It’s been almost three and a half grueling years of hearing virtually nothing at all about this final expansion to a game you released over six years ago. I simply have to be blunt – what the hell is the problem? It’s getting silly now.

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electricshadow2833d ago

Valve's too busy making hats for TF2.

I kid, but I understand why some people are getting anxious. The ending of Episode Two was such a huge cliffhanger. I'd like SOME news about Episode Three.

MicroSony4Life2832d ago

TBH I really dont remeber the story. Valve is going to have to release some sort of comics or have the opening of the game start with recaps of what happend in the last episode.

I do remember something about a ship that was suppose to be lost.

tom012782832d ago

Pretty sure episode 2 began with a recap video of episode 1.
I'll be replaying them before episode 3 anyway.

Dac2u2832d ago

I believe it was a ship that tied into the Portal story. It's been awhile since I've played, so I'm not 100%. I'll be playing through the Orange Box again as well, just as soon as I find out when the game is coming out.

ATiElite2832d ago

For those who are not Hardcore PC gamers heres the deal.

Valve has 250 employees, that's it. They do this to keep quality great and stay connected to the gamers. no one can disagree with this.

Valve has been hard at work on Portal 2 and is working on DotA2. before that they were working on L4D2 and it's DLC plus constantly updating Team Fortress 2 to the tune of over 100 updates. The TF2 community is in awe at how this game keeps getting better. Mw2 sold 20 million units but it has like less than 1% of the support that Team Fortress 2 has gotten.

Now as for HL2 Ep3 Gabe Newell has already made it clear that work on HL2 ep3 is a start stop deal to keep everything fresh and so it doesn't feel like a constant grind. He also said it would take a long development time, almost as long as HL2 because EP3 will complete the HL2 story arc and get us ready for HL3.

Half Life is the cream of the crop. We all want info on it, we all want it now but we are not yet worthy or ready for it. When Half Life drops the gaming world changes. Just be patient and enjoy the games that have release dates cause seriously 2011 is loaded with quality games.

DevilishSix2832d ago

Fans and the community should be expecting or should I say demanding a full sequel at this point. Anything less for me would be disappointing seeing as how much time has passed.

Pjuice2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

they need source engine 3 on the next hl game for sure the source engine is way old for pc hardware i run l4d2 maxed at an avg of around 140fps..... source engine doesn't even have support for dx10-11 yet.

meetajhu2832d ago

Half life 3 will come in 2012, 1 year before next gen consoles. You ask me how? I can see the future!
This year Half-life 3 rumors will come next year at Intel conference Source Engine 3 will be previewed.

The technology behind Source engine 3 is:- real time texture aging or deformation in game. If u throw acid in alien it burns and blood sheds etc? You ask me how you know this? I can see the future!

Kleptic2832d ago

I agree that Source needs to go...

My 3 year old business laptop with integrated graphics can max it out...THAT is saying something...

DragonKnight2832d ago

@meetajhu: winning lottery numbers, cough them up.

kramun2832d ago

source engine 3? There has only been one source engine. It's been updated constantly, but there has only been one engine, which was introduced with HL2. HL used a completely different engine.

ATiElite2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I disagree. Sure would I like a new Source engine yes but The Source engine is one of the best engines out there. Valve has been working on a ton of special effects, post processing effects, lighting, Physics and textures to implement into the Source engine.

The Source engine optimizes very well and usually comes with very few bugs. Sure I would love to see all the DX11 eye candy but Half Life is just one of those perfect games that would still be great with Atari 2600 graphics.

Counter Strike 2 will unveil The New Source engine.

this does still look good.

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Pjuice2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

@ kramun source engine 3.0 if you want me to get detailed....... everyone knows there just updated but they need a big update for 3 and that needs to come with the next half life game i think, source engine 2.0 was a huge update when halflife2 came out also.

plb2832d ago

I have faith in Valve. They are not in the business of rushing games out just for some profit like Activision.

DevilishSix2832d ago

3 1/2 years and not a word about the third expansion let alone a sequel is far from rushing out a game. Sorry but there is no excuse or defense for Valve at this point.

plb2832d ago

Valve is not that big. There total employee count is 250 which was just posted a few days ago.

digitalivan2832d ago

It's an episode! It's shorter than most games, each episode can be released with 3 month difference even with 250 ppl.

TheIneffableBob2832d ago

You act as if they owe us a game. You should be happy that they're taking their time with their games rather than dumping out $15 map packs every 4 months.

kramun2832d ago

Lol @ digitalivan. I agree that we should be hearing some news about HL, but you armchair game producers make me laugh. You haven't got a clue about game development.

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femshep2832d ago

"They are not in the business of rushing games out just for some profit like Activision."

I bring to into evidence Left 4 Dead excuses for them not continuing there best game series. Portal 2 eh ok but Valve everyone wants Half life....not l4d3 not portal 3, maybe tf3 but HL3 thank you

hoole1002832d ago

Counter-strike 2?

Yes please.

femshep2832d ago

yeah we can always take that too =p

M3talSnak32832d ago

it will come in good time people

NYC_Gamer2832d ago

they might talk about ep3 at E3

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