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Hellsvacancy2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Meh, i assume this QTE game will "rock" whereas Heavy Rain is still whack

OffTopic: what is it with all these damn advertisements? every where you go or do or watch theres sum mofo tryin to sell you summin

Forbidden_Darkness2466d ago

Yes... Lets bring up Heavy Rain out of the blue! I mean seriously, do you just randomly love bashing games? It's rather sicking seeing as people bash a game every chance they get.. I can definitely see why you only have one bubble to comment with.

Jockamo2466d ago

haha, the character models look like something out of toy story

i'd rather a more realistic character model like HR

Nitrowolf22466d ago

yeah all of telltale games lately look like this. I don't like the look that much at all, i mean this is prob. the best looking one so far, but i just wish they would use something better.

Jockamo2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

i didn't realize it was telltale games. i think the style worked fine w/ back to the future, but the terror of the whole atmosphere is diminished w/ these models. regardless, telltale games makes a good adventure game. looking forward to it

bluwulf2466d ago

What the fuck?

That was terrible... it looked like an old ps2 cutscene..

Why do these guys have to ruin my childhood memories? Was really looking forward to this.. hell i even bought JP operation genesis...

no thanks...

lol @ the trex roar?

bluwulf2466d ago

would universal let these guys do this to the game? sooooooooooooooooooo bad..

a waste

just like my bubbles.

multipayer2466d ago

Didn't the last few Jurassic Park movies already ruin your memories? Besides Telltale will make a good game out of it regardless, it'll probably be one of the better installments the series has had.

HolyOrangeCows2466d ago

Stop messing with classic movie franchises, Telltale games! Stop it!

I'd rather see something more like Dinocrisis...with more modern game mechanics, of course (No, I don't mean QTEs, Telltale....).

AsianOnRoute692466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Looks too cartoony for my taste. Maybe someone will eventually make a hardcore jurassic park game that is kind of like turok but not.

Bathyj2466d ago

Nice, I was just commenting on Jurassic Park.
Havent played a good JP game since Megadrive. (The SNES game sucked.)

Big_Dom2466d ago

The SNES version was brilliant, what are you even talkin about!!! Excellent overhead 3rd person action shooter, mixed with 1st person indoor levels.

Thrillhouse2466d ago

The T-Rex sounded like a drowning Chewbacca :(

I think a Jurassic Park game would work incredibly well with CryEngine 3 (if it does jungles as well as CE2 did).

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