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Albert Wesker Returns To Give Us Some Hilarious Voicemail Greetings

Ian Fisher writes: ou may not recognize his name, but D.C. is the man who has been responsible for bringing Albert Wesker to life in the last few Resident Evil games. Wesker may have become a nuisance at times in the latter half of the RE trilogy, but one of the key things to making him an interesting character was D.C.’s performance as the sunglass wearing villain with a thirst for global domination. Having a good sense of humor, D.C. has taken to his blog to post several voicemail greetings done as the Albert Wesker character. (D.C. Douglas, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 5, Wii, Xbox 360)

General Shrooms  +   1659d ago
Some of the funnest stuff I heard this week. Jill Sandwich, nuff said.
Kurisu  +   1658d ago
Nothing beats Alfred / Alexia Asford. Ahhhhhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
solidsnake222  +   1658d ago
Haha, "If you do manage to reach me, I'm afraid I can only spar 7 minutes to speak to you."
Kalowest  +   1658d ago
All of them are funny as hell.
midgard227  +   1658d ago
lol i love them!!! yelling at excella was awesome
tigertron  +   1658d ago
"I have...big balls!"
Pozzle  +   1658d ago
Haha, I'm so glad this guy is Wesker's voice actor. He knows how to bring the lulz.
Enigma_2099  +   1656d ago
that was kicka**!!!

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