Rumor: JetMoto making a return on PS3?

Here's a thick slice of speculative pie, coming from 1UP's own rumor mill. With the surprisingly positive reactions Sony has received from reviving the classic PS One Warhawk, it's not too far off the beaten path to assume Sony would consider bringing back other classic franchises for a PS3 reimagining.

The game in question for a revival is rumored to be JetMoto. Since the original is up on the PS Store for purchase, we think there may be slight credibility to this rumor. What do you guys think? Is it possible more games from Sony's past will reappear on PS3 as some kind of fan-service, or is Warhawk going to be it for the classics?

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kewlkat0074099d ago

this game was good but not better than Wave Race 64 IMO.

ISay4099d ago

wave racer was slugish jet moto was fast and had great tracks cant wait

Kleptic4098d ago

yeah Wave Race had nothing on Jet Moto looked better, but played like crap...and lets not even mention the music in Wave Race...

Dudeson424099d ago

Easily one of my favorite videogame series in the early PS1 years. Jet Moto 3 SUCKED thanks to 989 Studios buying the license though.

kewlkat0074099d ago

Twisted Metal 3 also at one point? TM 2 was the best...

MADGameR4098d ago

Jet Moto 1 has got to be the best in the series. Wave Race 64 was boring. PSX games pwned N64 games back then. Twisted Metal 2 is the best in the TM series, the rest was just sh*tted on!

Panthers4099d ago

989 ruined a lot of games, but Jet Moto was fun. I loved flipping and stuff. A PS3 makeover and online play would make this game SIC

eagle214099d ago

PS3 is gonna have like 100 first party games, but 360 people will be like, it has no games. Wait, most 360 owners will have a PS3 by then, my bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.