Star Wars Battlefront III - Where is it Now?

The game was never officially announced or revealed, but let’s face it – it was at one point known to be in development. Where is it now? Dive in at CtrlAltKill to see the timeline of events and what wants to be seen in Star Wars: Battlefront III.

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marioPSUC2621d ago

Now this is one game I really wish they'd put out or atleast show off at E3. The Force unleashed games didnt fair too well, so they really should go and make this game.

Battlefront 1 and 2 both sold really well and were so much fun to play. Seems like a no brainer that this game should be made, tons of people would buy it just for the cool online battles.

BangBangSami2621d ago

I was sooo disappointed with Unleashed II, so I really hope Lucas Arts steps it up with this one.

9thGenHero2621d ago

Er, is this the game that was on the gamecube??

blazsox2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

No, the Gamecube never got Battlefront. I think you are thinking of Rogue Squadron. I wouldn't mind a new RS game at all - though Factor 5 (the devs) are supposedly shut down.

Pixel_Enemy2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I LOVE STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT! I would play the hell out of the third game if it ever sees the light of day!

NukaCola2621d ago

I want Jedi Knight VI or Republic Commando II.

SonyRep2621d ago

i really hope they dont cann this i remember watching the gameplay video which got leaked it looked pritty impressive

Kon2621d ago

In a galaxy far, far away

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The story is too old to be commented.