Former Rockstar Developer Working on 1979: The Game

Navid Khonsari, a former writer and director for Rockstar Games, is working on an interesting game that retells the real story of the 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover in Tehran, Iran. Khonsari is responsible for the "cinematic feel" introduced in Rockstar's breakout hit, Grand Theft Auto 3, and for his work on Remedy's Max Payne series and Alan Wake. After leaving Rockstar, Khonsari formed Ink Stories with his wife in New York City.

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LiL T2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Sweet a game that takes place on the year I was born and close to where I was born. Hope the story good and accurate. It sounds like a good idea, I just hope its not one sided like all western games where they demonize certain cultures and there is only "ONE" that seems to always be the best. Getting kinda tired of the u.s thinking they are the best.

Tuxmask552592d ago

I don't think any one nation is "best" overall, but the US is best in some areas. The same can be said about most every country.

showtimefolks2592d ago

will pick this up and give it the right kind of fundings hopefully its on a great engine too

DaReapa2592d ago

Could be a potential welcomed change in gaming concept. Kinda reminds me of Eternal Darkness with the "8 to 10 different roles" comment. But sounds like it may not be without controversy. Wonder what genre will this be classified under, and what platforms its coming to.

LiL T2592d ago

@DaReapa, That comment of his caught my eye too. Sounds like he really wants you to see multiple sides of the story and he also says he would like to see players on both sides talking/interacting with each other. This sound great and I really hope they pull it off, should be pretty cool.