IGN Reviews: Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII

Players eager to partake in fast and frantic World War II dogfights were largely disappointed by the original Blazing Angels' pedigree. The mission objectives were lackluster, the artificial intelligence companions were too powerful, and the core of the game, air combat, was simply dull. Has Ubisoft rectified its past mistakes of tedium with Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII? For the most part, yes, but some minor issues still exist.

Blazing Angels 2's mission variety is quite varied, providing several different objectives in every level. One level has the player and one of his squad mates flying over arctic terrain, testing out a defensive weapon that temporarily blinds enemy planes. The catch: Players must position enemies behind their aircraft for the weapon to work properly. Of course, a short time after the weapon is successfully tested, enemy planes appear with the intent to destroy a friendly submarine that has been stranded somewhere far below. Yes, somewhere; players must fly close enough to the water to properly receive the dying sub's transmissions, with their radar beeping as the player nears their location.

After the submarine has been found, the player must keep enemy crafts away from the its location until an escort arrives. Unfortunately, the player's plane is barren of all weapons except for the defensive flash-like equipment. To defeat the planes, the player must lure them behind his own craft, blind them, and cause them to fly into an iceberg.

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